The boys (except Kyle) have joined Mountain Scouts, and are on their way to their first meeting. When they arrive, they find that their scoutmaster is Big Gay Al, and some parents take objection to this, fearing that he may exhibit pedophilia because of his homosexuality. Big Gay Al is quickly thrown out of Mountain Scouts, and is heartbroken, for he has been in the Scouts all his life. A controversy erupts as the Mountain Scouts are called a hate group by the media and prominent supporters like Steven Spielberg withdraw their support. A new scoutmaster named Mr. Grazier (also known as “Mr. Slippyfist”) is appointed, who turns out to be a real child molester and takes pornographic photos of his scouts, threatening to beat them up if they reveal this to their parents.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, a new handicapped boy, comes to town and joins the Mountain Scouts. Jimmy is a stand-up comedian and immediately becomes very popular. Timmy, the other handicapped boy in town, becomes incredibly jealous of the adoration given to the new kid. Timmy tries to undermine Jimmy in any way possible, including offering him an orange parka as a gift, in order to make him resemble Kenny. However, his efforts prove futile (the parka even fails to attract Kenny’s intended usual tragic death, although several near misses occur).

In an effort to get Big Gay Al back as their scout leader, the boys, including Timmy and Jimmy, assemble their own protest march all the way to the grocery store parking lot, and attempt to use Jimmy’s stand-up comedy as a crowd-teaser. However, the performance goes sour when he tries to enlist Timmy’s participation, and Timmy refuses. Quickly, they break out into a lengthy fistfight, which Cartman dubs a “cripple fight” and announces to several large gatherings of people, who come to watch the spectacle.

Under pressure from gay rights groups and with help from prominent lawyer Gloria Allred, Big Gay Al sues the Mountain Scouts, while Mr. Slippyfist is revealed to be a child molester, and is arrested. Although Big Gay Al wins in court and the court orders the Mountain Scouts to take him back, he refuses, saying that he loves scouts too much to impose his will on them, adding that they should be talked into changing their mind. He begs people not to cut their funding or support for the scouts. This causes Gloria Allred to brand Big Gay Al as a homophobe.

The boys get a new Scoutmaster, and Timmy doctors some images of Jimmy, putting his head on a picture of two gay men embracing. When the Scoutmaster sees it, he expels Jimmy from the Scouts, to a victory cheer from Timmy.    


  • 本集是吉米首次出场。
  • 剧组在本季中试图消灭凯尔的想法在本集中有体现,凯尔既没有出场也没有被其他角色提到。



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