Pi Pi's Splashtown is a water park featured in the Season Thirteen episode “Pee” and Season Twenty-Two episode “Buddha Box”.


The park is owned by Pi-Pi, a stereotypical Italian man with an exaggerated accent and Borsalino cap. A water inspector warns that too many people are peeing in the pool and the park has to be shut down, to avoid a catastrophe. Pi-Pi, however, does not listen, putting all of his patrons in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Kyle Broflovski is disgusted by everyone peeing in the water and refuses to participate in any of the boys' activities. Eric Cartman sings a song about how minorities are becoming the majority.

In the Season Twenty-Two episode “Buddha Box”, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Token Black and Clyde Donovan are seen at the waterpark. Kyle gets annoyed by Cartman, who is staying on his phone instead of moving forward in line.


  • Pi Pi's New York Splash featuring FDNY ships with water cannons.
  • Pi Pi's Swashbuckler, a giant wave pool.
  • Lost River In King Tut, a pyramid shaped ride.
  • Journey to the Center of the World
  • Hurricane slide.
  • Pele's Revenge, a ride shaped like a volcano.
  • Pi Pi's Lazy River, a place for relaxing in an inner tube.
  • Zipline, a multi person water slide with instructions strictly in Spanish.
  • Drop Zone, a single person water slide.
  • A food court.
  • Snack Shack.
  • Changing area
  • Hot dog stand.
  • A store that sells swimwear.


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