The Photo Dojo is a photography business in South Park located on the main street. It first appeared in the episode “Tom's Rhinoplasty”.



The Photo Dojo is in the South Park main street and is painted a dark blue color. The door is to the left of the building and there is a huge camera and the shutter is the window.


Inside the Photo Dojo appears to have a modeling room where a photographer takes photographs of a model, Mr. Garrison in “Tom's Rhinoplasty” and Eric Cartman in “Cartman Joins NAMBLA”. The Photo Dojo also has an animation section where the boys attempt to make a Christmas movie in “A Very Crappy Christmas”. It even makes briefly appearances in many other episodes in scenes that take place in the downtown.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Douchebag must obtain a passport in order to enter Canada. Having been provided one by Cartman, Douchebag goes to Photo Dojo to get his passport photo taken. When Douchebag steps between the lights to have his picture taken, the photographer makes him change into normal, street clothes.

Dissatisfied, the photographer has Douchebag remove his shirt, and then his pants. When the he suggests Douchebag remove his briefs, the real photographer suddenly appears and initiates a fight between Douchebag and the photographer. Upon completion of the fight, the real photographer takes a photo of Douchebag, who is still in his underwear, and sends him on his way with his passport.

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