The True Freaks Union is an organization of persons born or through some unfortunate accident has become a freak. They were seen in the Season Six episode, "Freak Strike". They sing a song of the same name in a public service video, which parodies the real PSA from International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU).


The union sends it's members on the daytime talk show circuit appearing on programs like the Maury Povich Show, Sally Jesse Raphael and Geraldo Rivera, in order to tell the plight of their afflictions along with how normal people in society treat them. During the events of "Freak Strike", Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Butters Stotch decide to try to get on the Maury Povich Show by faking a deformity in the hopes they would get a prize. Butters is persuaded by his friends to glue a prosthetic fake testicle sack on his chin in order to get them an all expenses paid vacation.

While backstage at the Maury show, Butters meets other freaks. It turns out that they make a living doing talk shows and stick together to ensure their industry is protected from fake freaks who lie about their deformities to steal their gifts. One such fake freak was Lobster Boy who turned out to be a real lobster. They boiled him alive when they found out.

Later, the talk shows including Maury Povich decide to switch guest formats to "Out of Control teens", effectively putting the freaks out of work. They begin a strike which they bring Butters to. The True Freaks Union protests in front of the studio where the Maury Povich Show is ongoing. They hijack the TV studio's screen with a public service video and song. Their message is that they - the real freaks - should not lose their only means of employment to the non-real freaks - those who are only freaks because they are idiots. In the song, they tell the audience to find the "True Freak Label" on talk shows. Upon watching the video, most of Maury Povich's audience agree with the freaks and leave the studio. Maury is then obliged to come out and negotiate with the freaks, signaling the success of their strike.


  • Man With Foot on Head
  • Girl With Rapid Aging Disease
  • Man Who Looks Like Hammer aka Man With Hammer Shaped Head
  • Man With Brains Outside Of Head
  • Woman With Crab Like Body
  • Man With Terrible Skin Condition - Appearance: Splotchy discolored skin. Leader of the Freaks Union.
  • Man With No Face - Appearance: His face is nonexistent and is concave where his eye's should be. Appeared on Oprah twice.
  • Disfigured Country Singer - Appearance: Maimed in a horrible farming accident.
  • Man With No Limbs
  • Incredibly Obese Black Man - Appearance: Sometimes called Incredibly Black Obese Man.
  • Two-headed bi-racial man - One man with two head of different ethnicity.
  • Rocky Dennis look alike - A boy who suffers from a skull deformity.
  • Elephant Man - A person suffering from encephalitis like John Merrick.
  • Damla Jones - A girl with no midsection.
  • The Thompsons - A married couple who were born with butts for heads called Reverse Polarity Syndrome.
  • Nurse Gollum - Former South Park Elementary school nurse with a fetus conjoined on the left side of her head.
  • Kevin Mephesto - Also referred to as "That little monkey guy". Friend and assistant to Dr. Mephesto.
  • Bearded Lady - The lady with a beard.