The Runaway Girls are two sixteen-year-old high school students who first appeared in the Season Two episode, "Clubhouses". Despite playing a big role in the episode, their names were not revealed.


Cartman told Kenny to bring girls to their club party, so Kenny brought the two girls to Cartman's house, they told them they had run away from home. Cartman tries relating to them, going as far as to feign machism. This front is later revealed to be false after he sheepishly listens to an order hollered out to him by his mother. Later that night, the girls and their boyfriends throw a party inside the clubhouse which soon turns uncontrollably boisterous. They later reveal that neither of them ever had any interest in truth or dare.


One of them wears a black short-sleeved shirt with "D.V.D.A" written on it, a brown belt, blue pants and black shoes, she has shoulder-length blond hair. The other wears a green t-shirt under a brown jacket, blue shorts, white striped socks, and white tennis shoes, she has short black hair and freckles.


Scott (Clubhouses)

Scott was invited by them to join the club house. The girl on the right was seen with Scott watching Timmy and The Lords of the Underworld in "Timmy 2000", so it's possible she is dating Scott or just might be great friends.


Jonesy was invited by them to join the club house. However, as Jonesy was officially introduced in "Cat Orgy", it is possible that he was acting as another generic teenager in "Clubhouses". Despite being invited, the girls welcome Scott only and ignore him. The girl on the right is seen with Scott in "Timmy 2000" watching Jonesy's band.


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