Kurt Cobain Hologram was featured in the Season Eighteen episode “#HappyHolograms”. It is modeled after deceased musician Kurt Cobain.

Background 编辑

Kurt Cobain Hologram is a computer program designed by Syntec Hologram Company. It performed at the Washington Redskins: Go Fuck Yourself Holiday Special. He is seen singing "Up on the Rooftop" dressed as an 18th-century chimney sweep while holding a gun, which is a reference to his suicide. CartmanBrah comments on him with the rest of the holiday special.

Historical Information编辑

Kurt Cobain was the lead guitarist, vocalist, and founder of the alternative rock band Nirvana. He was born in Aberdeen, Washington on Feb 20, 1967, and was discovered dead on April 8, 1994. Kurt was one of the most well-known musicians of the "grunge" sub-genre in the early 1990's.


  • @deeShirleyJames How can NBC allow this? This special sucks. #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @benn_shansbury And i thought Peter Pan was bad... #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @HeatherLG_123 Kurt Cobain forever!!! #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @D_Grohl77 I miss you Kurt so much... #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @CeeLovesHole Smashing Pumpkins were better. #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @18_bmorris_18 Never heard of him. What's a Kurt Cobaine? #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @KISSfan_ohio Does this mean a NIRVANA reunion soon? #ihatecartmanbrah
  • @Vroomster_Paul Please make this end. This show sucks!!!! #ihatecartmanbrah

Appearance 编辑

Kurt has long blond hair. He wears a red Santa hat, a blue jacket, and a blue scarf.

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