Colorado State Courthouse appeared in the Season Eleven episode “Imaginationland” and the Season Sixteen episodes, “Reverse Cowgirl” and “Raising the Bar”.


In “Reverse Cowgirl”, a large crowd and a news reporting team gather outside to witness the "sue-ance" of Sir John Harington.

In “Raising the Bar”, Eric Cartman was seen giving testimony against Best Buy, in support of wheelchair accessibility in their restrooms.


The building is made of red and gray brick with a steep slanted roof. Outside of the building, there is a flag pole with the United States' flag on it, several trees without leaves, a clock tower, and the Colorado State Seal in gold above the entrance. The exterior of the building resembles the real Park County Courthouse in Fairplay, Colorado.


South Park vs. Sir John Harington

Clyde, Stan, Kyle, and Jimmy, with their attorney from Hoffman and Turk Law Offices, attempted to convince the judge and jury that the inventor of the modern flush toilet must pay compensation for the wrongful death of Betsy Donovan. While the attorney is making his case, Betsy Donovan's spirit appeared to reprimand Clyde, to reveal the attorney as a fraud, and to place blame for her death solely on Clyde.

Eventually, the spirit of John Harrington appeared to clear his name, by demonstrating the proper way to use his invention, which turned out to be sitting backwards facing the toilet bowl. The outcome of this case was not announced, but it was assumed to be dismissed due to the fraudulent attorney.

Eric Cartman vs. Best Buy

Cartman was seen during a montage giving testimony to the court. He stated that, due to Best Buy's lack of wheelchair accessible restrooms, he was unable to use the restroom to defecate. He was seen crying presenting his case.


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