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Name Description Effect Type Icon Picture
凯尔鼓舞同伴进行战斗。 凯尔鼓舞自身和新来的,同时提高二者的技能威力和攻击力。 Buddy Ability
File:Kyle rally.jpg
Summon Elemental
凯尔召唤来自冰封北方的惊魂来攻击他的敌人! 凯尔把艾克踢向敌人,造成恐怖的伤害和流血。 Ability
File:Kyle summon elemental.jpg
召唤狂风把碎屑吹进敌人眼睛里。 凯尔拿起吹风机吹向一排的敌人,造成多次伤害较低的攻击。完美施放还会额外降低敌人的攻击力。可以克制拥有护甲的敌人。 Ability
File:Kyle windstorm.jpg
Rain of Arrows
强大的精灵军队的箭矢足以遮蔽天空。 凯尔命令他的精灵军队向所有敌人射出四波箭矢,每次成功击中都会造成流血。没有命中的攻击也会造成流血(Failing hits for less, but still causes Bleeding each hit.)。这个技能可能是整个游戏中最难完美施放的,因为你需要按四个键并且每个键只有1秒的反应时间。 Ability
File:Kyle rain of arrows.jpg


  • He is one of two buddies that doesn't have a Buddy Command. The other one is Cartman.
    • Also, they are the only buddies that are kings, explaining why they would not have to take orders from the New Kid.
  • Kyle is well-known for responding to Stan's "Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!" quote with a yell of "You bastard(s)!" In-game, when The New Kid seemingly defeats Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny, he says "You b- Oh, no wait, he's back."
  • Kyle liked every message that Stan posted on Facebook
  • For some reason, when you fight him as a boss, failing to block his Ike attack results in three stacks of bleeding instead of two.
  • Kyle is the only one to have his costume changed from the Black Friday trilogy.
    • In the Black Friday trilogy, Kyle looks more like a paladin.
  • Kyle, along with Kenny, are the only Buddies to have two sets of headgear instead of one.
    • Kyle: His signature hat and his crown
    • Kenny: His Princess wig and a tiara/crown
  • His move, "Entangling Vines", is the only one that is unusable when he is your Buddy.
  • During the final battle against Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny, Kyle's unique counterattack involves him kicking Ike at Kenny when "she" tries drinking more green goo to heal; this sends Ike running off in tears while Kyle himself injures his kicking leg, forcing him out of the battle.
  • In the cutscene where the hall monitor turns into a Nazi zombie, Kyle yells about how they've become "even lamer" and proceeds to run away, as he is Jewish.
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