The Ginger Cow, was a cow that appeared in the Season Seventeen episode, "Ginger Cow".


Eric Cartman turns a normal cow into a fake red-haired one in order to fool all the children. After successfully fooling them, Cartman admits to Kyle Broflovski that it is a fake, but doesn't see anything wrong with the joke. However, it turns out that the "red heifer" is part of a real religious prophecy in the religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Upon learning about its existence, news reporters from around the world kill themselves and religious leaders come to South Park to worship it. Coming to the conclusion that sacrificing the cow in Israel would bring about world peace, the cow is brought to Israel, via helicopter, and dropped onto a roof, killing it. Followers of the three Abrahamic religions then celebrate.


The Ginger Cow is a normal cow with painted red spots, freckles, black glasses, a red wig, and horns.