Sir John Harington was a writer as well as the inventor of the modern flush toilet, which he calls his "porcelain toilet machine". He first appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, “Reverse Cowgirl”, where he bursted into the courtroom as the attorney from Hoffman and Turk Law Offices performed a “sue-ance”.


After Clyde Donovan's mother Betsy died, Jimmy, Stan, and Kyle set out to help him sue Sir John Harington. Upon arrival to Hoffman and Turk Law Offices, they learned that they could sue the dead with a "sue-ance". Although their initial "sue-ances" were unsuccessful, Harington does appear before the county court to demonstrate the proper use of a toilet. Just as what Butters mentions in class, Sir Harington advised everyone that the proper way to sit on a toilet was to face the toilet bowl, as to use it as a shelf for books, quills, and ink.


Sir Harington wears formal attire, consisting of black shoes, light gray pants, a white blouse, a black colonial-style coat, and a brown belt. He has dark brown hair, a brown beard, and a long mustache.