John Wayne Gacy was a convicted serial killer seen in the Season Ten episode, 「Hell on Earth 2006」.


He was given the task of picking up Satan's Ferrari Cake, along with Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy. The killers antics parodied the slapstick violence of The Three Stooges films with murder. The trio renamed The Three Murderer's with Gacy being the role of "Curly" Bundy acting as "Moe" and Dahmer as "Larry".

Throughout the episode he murders four people, resulting in him being slapped by Ted Bundy each time. Unlike the other two, Gacy seemed to have been revived, although he is now blinded because Bundy ripped his eyes right out of his head.


He has short, gray hair and a black mustache. He is very overweight. He wears a light gray "dress" shirt and gray pants.


  • He and the other two killers were characters destined to appear in South Park: The Stick of Truth but were cut in the final version. Their friend icons can still be found in the game files.