John McCain is a United States Senator from Arizona and was the Republican Party presidential nominee in the 2008 Election. He first appeared in the Season Twelve episode, "About Last Night...".


He appeared in "About Last Night...", as part of a thief organization run by Barack Obama, whom he has secretly been working with for years. They run for presidency so that Obama's victory will distract people long enough for him to sneak into the White House, allowing their team to access a secret tunnel which goes under the Smithsonian museum, which would further allow them to steal the Hope Diamond. They succeed and he, along with Sarah Palin and much of the organization's members, run off for paradise.


McCain appears in four different outfits. While on television, announcing his opinion on his loss, he wears a dark grey suit, white dress shirt, and a gold tie. Whilst talking to Obama shortly after Obama wins the election, he wears a dark grey suit, light purple dress shirt with open collar, and a red tie. While talking to the group of thieves, he wears an unbuttoned, light grey suit and a white dress shirt with open collar. Shortly before leaving for paradise, he wore an unbuttoned, white suit, and a light blue, striped dress shirt with open collar.


He was shown to be very intelligent, teaming up with Barack Obama in order to steal the Hope Diamond. Their plan was very manipulative, involving pretending to brutally compete for the American presidency in order to distract the nation, finding a secret tunnel under the white house, shutting down part of Washington D.C.'s electrical grid, and having a fake bomb threat sent to the Smithsonian.