Najix is an alien who works for the Nerzod Productions seen in the Season Seven episode, “Cancelled”.


Najix is the main producer of the hit intergalactic reality TV show Earth which has made it to over one hundred episodes. Najix is an intergalactic shape-shifting television producer and he runs the company Nerzod Productions.


Najix is an alien with green and yellow skin and four legs and sharp teeth. Najix has the ability to take on any form, imagined or real. He first appeared as Randy Marsh after reading the boys' minds in an attempt to appear less frightening, but because this reminded them too much of the movie Contact, Najix continued to transform into various forms in an attempt to please them. Eventually, Cartman suggested an ice cream-shitting taco, which Najix settled on.


Najix is a kind and helpful individual, doing everything he can to make the boys' situation comfortable and hassle-free. Despite his friendly nature, it is hinted that he sees the Earth and humanity as beneath him, making entertainment out of Earth's problems and casually demolishing the planet without remorse when his TV show is cancelled. However, he does allow the boys a chance to speak to the Joozian network heads in order to save their home.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to shape-shift from his original form based on the thoughts of those around him.


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