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[[伊莱扎·施耐德]](第4-6季)|首次出场 = [[卡特曼的肛门探针]]|最终出场 = [[灵能侦探卡特曼]]}}'''Ms. Veronica Crabtree''' was [[South Park Elementary]]'s main bus driver. She was voiced by [[Mary Kay Bergman]] during the first three seasons and by [[Eliza J. Schneider]] until Crabtree's death.
[[伊莱扎·施耐德]](第4-6季)|首次出场 = [[卡特曼的肛门探针]]|最终出场 = [[灵能侦探卡特曼]]}}'''维罗妮卡·克拉伯翠'''[[南方公园小学]]的主校车司机。在前三季她由[[玛丽·凯·伯格曼]]配音,随后一直到克拉伯翠去世,她由[[伊莱扎·施耐德]]配音。
While she has never performed the voice in the series, [[April Stewart]] has stated on Twitter that she performed the voice in her audition before [[Season Eight]] and is still capable of doing so.
In "[[Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut]]," it is implied at the end of the episode that she had sexual intercourse with Liane Cartman, which made her a potential mother of [[Eric Cartman|Cartman]], but as a result of "[[201]]," it is revealed that Liane was Eric's mother.
Crabtree was, for the most part, a background character, used only for the occasional joke or for scenes on the school bus. However, she received a prominent role in "[[City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)]]", when upon driving the kids back from school, she takes the bus off the main road and ends up getting it stuck on the edge of a cliff. Crabtree immediately goes to get help for the kids and orders them to stay on the bus in her absence, by threatening to kill a bunny. While the students have assorted flashbacks relating to past adventures, she makes it to the main road and is picked up by a trucker, whose truck is delivering Roofies. She takes several, believing them to be aspirin. However, the drugs only seem to calm her slightly from her normal insanity. She begins a relationship with the trucker, thus forgetting about the kids, and begins life as a stand-up comedian on ''[[Jay Leno|The Tonight Show with Jay Leno]]''. However, she finds the life empty and goes off with the trucker to watch the sunset. At the end the episode everything, even Crabtree's own story is implied to be a dream of one of the boys, which she and the trucker acknowledge sadly.
克拉伯翠在大多数时候都是一个背景人物,仅仅在校车上偶尔闹出笑话的场景中发挥一定作用。然而,她在“[[永恒边缘城市]]”中担任了一次主演,在她把孩子们载回学校时,她把校车开出了大路,导致校车卡在了悬崖边缘。克拉伯翠立刻下车为孩子们寻求帮助,要求孩子们在她不在时老实带在车上,威胁他们不这么做就杀死一只兔子。在学生们对过去各种冒险经历进行回顾时,她把车开回了大路,被一位运载一车迷奸药的卡车司机发现了。她吃了几颗药,认为它们是阿司匹林。然而,这些药使她从一向的精神错乱中恢复了一点。她和卡车司机开始了一段恋情,因此忘掉了一车的孩子们,把自己想象成《杰·雷诺今夜秀》(''The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'')中的一位脱口秀演员,和他开始了新生活。然而,她发现自己的生活很空虚,和卡车司机私奔了,一起前去看日落。在剧集结尾可以看出,原来这一切,甚至是克拉伯翠自己的故事都是一位男孩的梦,在梦中她和卡车司机相认。
In the episode "[[Fat Camp]]," Kenny was supposed to crawl into her uterus and stay there for six straight hours before coming out. She was excited about being on TV, adding that she hadn't had this much attention paid to her cooch since she was 16. Later, when Kenny's lookalike, came out of her uterus dead, she said: "I told you I was a tight virgin flower." This is a continuity error - not only are the quotes contradictory, but Ms. Crabtree had sex with Chef in "[[Chef Aid]]," although he has her wear a bag over her head (most likely to avoid having sex with her).
Her final surviving appearance was in "[[The Simpsons Already Did It]]," driving the bus and surprising Butters in a Simpson-ified form of herself. She only screams a few times, then drives off.
Ms. Crabtree was murdered, as well as the bird nesting on her head, with the left hand and wing missing, by [[Michael Deets]] in "[[Cartman's Incredible Gift]]." Officer [[Mitch Murphy]] commented "She was considered an ancillary character. One the fans wouldn't miss much." [[Harrison Yates]] also yelled, "She may not have been in any recent episodes, but dammit she deserved better than this!", poking fun at her lack of recent appearances at the time. This also marked one of ''South Park's'' few moments of breaking the fourth wall. The school bus driver position was then evidently taken over by [[Jose Venezuela]], as shown in "[[Ginger Kids]]."
She wore a blue sweater and green trousers. She had crooked yellow teeth, baggy eyes, an angry expression (most of the time), and messy, scraggly dark brown hair, which had a bird living on it. (In "[[Fat Camp]]", it is revealed that she has brown socks). She also appeared to be slightly obese.
Ms. Crabtree appeared to be mentally unstable. She is usually cranky and she constantly screams at the children on her bus and always angrily asked, "What did you say?!" after they insulted her. Occasionally, she screamed blindly at the students to intimidate them. In later episodes, she appeared to be slightly calmer and rational. It may be possible that the reason why she is strict and she yells so much all the time from watching training videos as shown in "[[City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)]]".
* "Sit down and shut up!"
* "Sit down and shut up!"
* "What did you say?!"
* "What did you say?!"
* "Y'all be quiet or the cute little bunny dies!" from "[[City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)]]"
* "Y'all be quiet or the cute little bunny dies!" ——来自“[[永恒边缘城市]]
* "You look like a lump of dog shit just got hit by a CAR!" from "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)"
* "You look like a lump of dog shit just got hit by a CAR!" from "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)"
* "I haven't had this much attention paid to my cooch since I was 16!" from "[[Fat Camp]]"
* "I haven't had this much attention paid to my cooch since I was 16!" ——来自“[[减肥营]]
* Executive: "How would you like to make a million dollars, baby?"<br />Ms. Crabtree: "How'd you like to suck my ass!?" from "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)"
* Executive: "How would you like to make a million dollars, baby?"<br />Ms. Crabtree: "How'd you like to suck my ass!?" from ——来自“[[永恒边缘城市]]”
* "Be quiet back there! These roads are slick!"
* "Be quiet back there! These roads are slick!"
* "GOD! Oh, for Christ's sake, I don't believe this!"
* "GOD! Oh, for Christ's sake, I don't believe this!"
* The character may have been inspired by the school bus driver in the 1994 film ''[[wikipedia:Forrest Gump|Forrest Gump]]'', who was abusive and also had a bird in her hair.
* 这个角色的灵感来源也许是1994年电影《[[wikipedia:Forrest Gump|阿甘正传]]》中的校车司机,她对孩子也是恶语相向,并且头发里也有一只鸟。
* In the original promo for "[[The Succubus]]", Ms. Crabtree was shown to be the new chef instead of [[Mr. Derp]].
* 在“[[女妖症候群]]”的最初宣传片中,克拉伯翠是新的学校大厨,而不是[[逗逼先生]]
* In ''[[South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut]]'', her pants are black rather than the usual green.
* [[南方公园加长未删减版]]中,她的裤子是黑色的而不是通常的绿色。
* The only episodes where Ms. Crabtree is shown to be happy are "[[City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)]]", "[[Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics]]", and "[[Fat Camp]]."
* 克拉伯翠唯三开心的剧集是“[[永恒边缘城市]]”,“[[汉基先生的圣诞特辑]]”以及“[[减肥营]]”。
* Ms. Crabtree had a speaking role in 12 episodes by the time she was killed off.
* 在克拉伯翠被杀死之前,她总共在12集中有台词。
* In [[Season One]], Ms. Crabtree's pants are rather tan instead of the current green.
* [[第一季]]中,克拉伯翠的裤子是深棕色的,而不是通常的绿色。
* In "[[Fat Camp]]", it is shown that she has brown socks. 
* 在前几季中,克拉伯翠的眉毛原本是黑色的,但在后面几季是棕色的。 
* In early seasons, Ms. Crabtree's eyebrows used to be black but in later seasons, they're brown.
* 在“[[援助大厨]]”中,可以看到她的房子是黄色的。
* In "[[Chef Aid]]", her house is shown to be yellow.
* 她的姓很容易理解,她脾气非常暴躁,并且有只鸟在头上筑巢,就像她是棵大树一样。
* Her last name is meaningful. She is very ''crab''by and a bird nests in her hair as if she were a ''tree.''
* 尽管她本性易怒,但在“[[永恒边缘城市]]”中,她却深深地关心着孩子们。
* Despite her angry nature, she is shown to care deeply about the kids as seen in "[[City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)]]".
* 克拉伯翠是玛丽·凯·伯格曼第一个配音的角色。
* Ms. Crabtree was the first character to be voiced by Mary Kay Bergman.
* 她是南方公园中第一个出场的女性角色。
* She is the first female character to appear on ''South Park''.
* 克拉伯翠的名字和《小淘气》(''The Little Rascals'')中的老师是一样的。
* Ms. Crabtree shares the name with the teacher from "The Little Rascals", who also has the same name as her.
* 根据“[[减肥营]]”的内容可以推测,她青少年时就有过未成年性行为。
* According to "Fat Camp", it is implied that she had underage sex when she was a teenager.
* "[[The Unaired Pilot]]" (voiced by Karri Turner)
* "[[南方公园试播集]]"(由凯利·特纳配音)
* "[[Cartman Gets an Anal Probe]]" - Drives [[The Boys]] to school.
* "[[卡特曼的肛门探针]]" - [[四人组]]载到学校。
* "[[Weight Gain 4000]]" (cameo) - Seen driving the bus.
* "[[要你肥4000]]" (配角)- 可以看到她开着校车。
* "[[An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig]]" - Tells Kyle's elephant that he can't get on the bus and will have to ride on the special needs bus.
* "[[象猪交配]]" - 对凯尔的大象说它不能上校车,必须乘坐特别需求校车。
* "[[Pinkeye]]"
* "[[红眼病]]"
* "[[Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut]]" - [[Stan Marsh]], [[Kyle Broflovski]] and [[Kenny McCormick]] tell her that their not getting on.
* "[[卡特曼的荡妇妈]]" - [[斯坦·马什]][[凯尔·布罗夫洛夫斯基]][[肯尼·麦考密克]]告诉她,他们不上车。
* "[[Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut]]" (cameo) - Stated to be one of the mothers of Eric Cartman.
* "[[卡特曼的妈还是很荡]]" (配角) - 被说成埃里克·卡特曼的母亲之一。
* "[[Ike's Wee Wee]]" (cameo) - Drives away screaming. 
* "[[艾克的小弟弟]]" (配角)- 大吼着把车开走了。 
* "[[Conjoined Fetus Lady]]"
* "[[连体婴儿症]]"
* "[[Chef Aid]]" - Chef has sex with her for money.
* "[[援助大厨]]" - 为了赚钱,大厨和她发生性关系。
* "[[City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)]]"
* "[[永恒边缘城市]]"
* "[[Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods]]" - Drives the class to the [[Tantalus V. Observatory]].
* "[[迷幻天文馆]]" - 把班上的同学载到坦塔罗斯天文台。
* "[[Spookyfish]]" (cameo) - Seen driving the bus.
* "[[平行宇宙]]"(配角) - 可以看到她开着校车。
* "[[Rainforest Shmainforest]]" (cameo) - Seen driving the bus.
* "[[热带雨林惊魂]]" (配角)- 可以看到她开着校车。
* ''[[South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut]]'' (cameo)
* ''[[南方公园加长未删减版]](配角)''
* "[[Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics]]" (cameo) - Seen during the final song.
* "[[汉基先生的圣诞特辑]]"(配角) - 在片尾的歌曲中可以看到她。
* "[[World Wide Recorder Concert]]" - Drives the third grade class, Mr Garrison and Mr Mackey.
* "[[棕色狂想曲]]" - 可以看到她载着三年级同学,加里森老师和麦奇老师。
* "[[Trapper Keeper]]" - Seen driving the bus to school.
* "[[未来战士]]" - 可以看到她开校车前往学校。
* "[[Fat Camp]]" - Impostor Kenny climbs up her uterus and stays there for six hours.
* "[[减肥营]]" - 肯尼替身爬进她的子宫,在那呆了六个小时。
* "[[Towelie]]" (cameo) - Seen driving the bus.
* "[[神奇的毛巾巾]]" (配角) - 可以看到她开着校车。
* "[[Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants]]" (cameo) - Seen driving the bus.
* "[[可耻的本·拉登]]" (配角)- 可以看到她开着校车。
* "[[Fun with Veal]]" (cameo) - Seen on the bus at the beginning of the episode.
* "[[受虐小牛]]"(配角)- 在剧集一开始,可以看到她在校车上。
* "[[The Simpsons Already Did It]]" (final speaking role) - Seen driving the bus.
* "[[辛普森做过了]]" (最后有台词的一集) - 可以看到她开着校车。
* "[[I'm a Little Bit Country]]" (cameo) - Seen in the crowd, near the end of the episode.
* "[[我的美国心]]" (配角) - 在剧集快结束时可以在人群中看到她。
* "[[Goobacks]]" (cameo/obscured)
* "[[未来居民]]" (配角/被挡住了)
* "[[Cartman's Incredible Gift]]" - Murdered by the hands of [[Michael Deets]], making this her final appearance.
* "[[灵能侦探卡特曼]]" - 被迈克尔·迪茨谋杀,这也是她最后一次出场。

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克拉伯翠在大多数时候都是一个背景人物,仅仅在校车上偶尔闹出笑话的场景中发挥一定作用。然而,她在“永恒边缘城市”中担任了一次主演,在她把孩子们载回学校时,她把校车开出了大路,导致校车卡在了悬崖边缘。克拉伯翠立刻下车为孩子们寻求帮助,要求孩子们在她不在时老实带在车上,威胁他们不这么做就杀死一只兔子。在学生们对过去各种冒险经历进行回顾时,她把车开回了大路,被一位运载一车迷奸药的卡车司机发现了。她吃了几颗药,认为它们是阿司匹林。然而,这些药使她从一向的精神错乱中恢复了一点。她和卡车司机开始了一段恋情,因此忘掉了一车的孩子们,把自己想象成《杰·雷诺今夜秀》(The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)中的一位脱口秀演员,和他开始了新生活。然而,她发现自己的生活很空虚,和卡车司机私奔了,一起前去看日落。在剧集结尾可以看出,原来这一切,甚至是克拉伯翠自己的故事都是一位男孩的梦,在梦中她和卡车司机相认。










  • "Sit down and shut up!"
  • "What did you say?!"
  • "Y'all be quiet or the cute little bunny dies!" ——来自“永恒边缘城市
  • "You look like a lump of dog shit just got hit by a CAR!" from "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)"
  • "I haven't had this much attention paid to my cooch since I was 16!" ——来自“减肥营
  • Executive: "How would you like to make a million dollars, baby?"
    Ms. Crabtree: "How'd you like to suck my ass!?" from ——来自“永恒边缘城市
  • "Be quiet back there! These roads are slick!"
  • "GOD! Oh, for Christ's sake, I don't believe this!"


  • 这个角色的灵感来源也许是1994年电影《阿甘正传》中的校车司机,她对孩子也是恶语相向,并且头发里也有一只鸟。
  • 在“女妖症候群”的最初宣传片中,克拉伯翠是新的学校大厨,而不是逗逼先生
  • 南方公园加长未删减版中,她的裤子是黑色的而不是通常的绿色。
  • 克拉伯翠唯三开心的剧集是“永恒边缘城市”,“汉基先生的圣诞特辑”以及“减肥营”。
  • 在克拉伯翠被杀死之前,她总共在12集中有台词。
  • 第一季中,克拉伯翠的裤子是深棕色的,而不是通常的绿色。
  • 在前几季中,克拉伯翠的眉毛原本是黑色的,但在后面几季是棕色的。 
  • 在“援助大厨”中,可以看到她的房子是黄色的。
  • 她的姓很容易理解,她脾气非常暴躁,并且有只鸟在头上筑巢,就像她是棵大树一样。
  • 尽管她本性易怒,但在“永恒边缘城市”中,她却深深地关心着孩子们。
  • 克拉伯翠是玛丽·凯·伯格曼第一个配音的角色。
  • 她是南方公园中第一个出场的女性角色。
  • 克拉伯翠的名字和《小淘气》(The Little Rascals)中的老师是一样的。
  • 根据“减肥营”的内容可以推测,她青少年时就有过未成年性行为。


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