Roy was Sharon Marsh's boyfriend in "Clubhouses". He hasn't appeared since then.



Roy was last seen hanging from a rope trap Stan set up, it was never explained what happened to him after. Roy is seen still hanging yelling for help and saying he is hungry. Whether he died or not is unknown.

For a little while after the episode, Roy can be seen in the theme song hanging outside the clubhouse, meaning he possibly survived.


Roy wears a brown sweater, blue jeans, black shoes and also wears a pair of black circle-shaped glasses. He had a rather small round head with brown hair and a gray, short, stubbly beard.


He has a volatile temper, changing from being nice and caring to being angry within a few seconds, sometimes over a very minor thing.


Sharon Marsh编辑

Roy was Sharon's new boyfriend after she divorced Randy in "Clubhouses". She stayed with him until she dared Randy to have sex with her and they make up. After meeting Stan, Roy immediately tried to take on the role of his father.

Stan Marsh编辑

Roy was Stan's step father in "Clubhouses". He was initially nice and caring towards Stan, but after Stan simply shrugs it off, he overreacts and yells at him. Roy often tells Stan to chop firewood after these incidents, so much that Stan stated they had enough for twelve years.

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