Roger Mahony is a retired prelate of the Roman Catholic Church who served as Archbishop for the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese from 1985 to 2011. He is shown in the Season Ten episode "Hell on Earth 2006".


At the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Cardinal Mahony held a meeting with fellow Catholic clergymen with young naked boys on leashes. He addresses the group about Satan's party and informs them that the party is supposed to be "completely off the hook", but they were not invited. They become upset upon hearing this news before one of them reveals that they will call in the Fire Marshall to shut it down.

He and a few other clergymen head to the W Hotel where the party is at and attempt to shut it down. He calls from a pay phone outside and attempt to get the Fire Marshall to stop by and shut it down, only to be told that the Fire Marshall is actually partying inside. Later, he and another bishop try to get in with wristbands, but the bouncers notices that they have wristbands for Knotts Berry Farm. Eventually Satan has a change of heart and allows everyone in, much to the delight of Mahony and the clergymen.


He is shown wearing traditional Catholic liturgical vestment, which consists of a red zucchetto, a white stole with pectoral crosses and a light tan maniple. He has brown hair that appears to be thinning in front and wears thin framed glasses.

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