Rodriguez is a Jim Davis High School student who appeared in the Season Twelve episode, “Eek, A Penis!”. He acts as one of Eric Cartman's students (who was posing as Eric Cartmanez) in the episode.


Rodriguez was first seen in the classroom talking to another teenager while the other students made a mess in the classroom. When the principal, Mrs. Miller, asks the students for their attention, Rodriguez makes fun of her by saying that he would be paying attention to her all night, which causes all the students in the classroom to stop fighting and mess to laugh at her, which makes her scold Rodriguez. Rodriguez then attends all of Cartman's classes on cheating, but with no speaking role. He later appears at the end of the episode with the other students cheering for Cartman. Rodriguez can be seen with the other students in Kanye West 's audience on the episode “Fishsticks” shouting "Gay Fish".


Rodriguez has dark brown curly hair and wears a red collared T-shirt with white stripes and the sleeves go up to his elbow. He also wears gray trousers and gray shoes with black details and white socks. Rodriguez wears a badly fitting red cap with a white ball in the middle and a pale green border.