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  • Cirque du Cheville roughly translates from French to 'the ankle circus'.
  • At the music school, there's a picture of Yoko Ono and Kenny G captioned, "Recorder Fest 2000" on the wall.
  • This was Stephen Stotch's first speaking role.
  • This is the first time Liane Cartman could be seen slapping her son, Eric Cartman, on his head when he's speaking out of turn as she's usually subdued to his whims.
  • In this episode, Kenny McCormick is eventually revealed to have a beautiful opera voice.
  • Stan's house is completely destroyed in this episode.
  • Marvin Marsh is able to stand up and walk unaided in this episode.
  • This is the last episode in the season with the word "2000" in the title.
  • The affair of the quintuplets' father wanting them back in Romania (and later Kenny being wanted back in the USA) is based on the Elian Gonzalez affair.

References to Popular Culture编辑

  • Cirque du Cheville is an obvious parody of Cirque du Soleil.
  • The first song Kenny sings is "Con te partirò". It is an Italian Classical Crossover song written by Francesco Sartori Lucio Quarantotto.
  • The second song Kenny sings, while trying to raise money for vocal school, is "La donna è mobile" from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto.
  • The third song Kenny sings is "Non più andrai" from Wolfgang Mozart's opera Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro).
  • The fourth song Kenny sings is "Der Hölle Rache" from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, although in real life the aria is always performed by a woman due to its high pitch.
  • The scenes where Janet Reno points her assault rifle at Stan and the police officer kills Kenny are comic recreations of the Pulitzer prize winning photograph where a U.S. Border Patrol agent points his MP5 at Elian Gonzalez and his rescuer Donato Dalrymple, who are hiding in the closet.
  • When Kenny arrives in Europe, Madeline from Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline book series can be seen in the background.



  • At the beginning, when the boys were called out, we can see Kevin, but when the camera zoomed out, he disappears.
  • Despite being A French-Canadian circus, none of the performers have the standard Canadian body structure, with no flapping heads or beady-eyes. Instead, they all share the normal appearances of other countries. "Little gray birds" has flapping heads, beady eyes and Canadian body. And it is proven by "It's Christmas in Canada" that the French part does not negate it.
  • Although some of the Romanian characters appear to speak in their language between them, the words they utter have no meaning in Romanian while some do in Russian.
  • In this episode, Kenny and Stan are shown as neighbors which is not shown in any other episode.
  • Stan's house backyard is empty. Still, in "Clubhouses", Stan and Kyle built their own treehouse there.

肯尼之死 编辑


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