Old Cap was the head security guard for the South Park Mall who appeared in the Season Seventeen episode “Black Friday”.


Old Cap appears leading the other security guards and telling the Black Friday shoppers to line up in a different spot to get the Stop Touching Me Elmo doll. He later talks to Randy, saying he knows why he joined the security team and that his son died in Black Friday of 1989. Near the end of the episode, when the Black Friday shoppers start fighting each other, Old Cap is stabbed by the Man with brown jacket and dies in Randy's arms, but not before he makes Randy the head security guard.

Old Cap briefly appears in “A Song of Ass and Fire” as a photograph seen in a memorial service for the fallen security guards.


Old Cap had gray hair, gray eyebrows, and a gray beard. He wore a dark blue police coat, a light blue uniform underneath that, black pants, and black shoes. He also had a scar on his left eye, which was revealed to be fake after being stabbed.

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