Carrot Top is a professional comedian and star of the film, Chairman of the Board. Carrot Top appeared in the episode, "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)" as a comedian with the name "Carrot Ass". He wet himself and walked off stage in embarrassment after being slated by Veronica Crabtree, much to the unentertained audience's laughter.

He also appeared as part of Eric Cartman's presentation on "Gingervitus" in the episode, "Ginger Kids".


As a South Park character, Carrot Top retains his trademark red Afro with freckles on his face. In his debut appearance he can be seen wearing a red T-shirt holding a microphone.

In "Ginger Kids" a picture of the celebrity is shown by Cartman to his class. The picture shows Carrot Top wearing a black shirt with a white logo and a black jacket.


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