Irene is a Trash Worker who first appeared in the Season Seven episode, “Casa Bonita” where she meets Butters in the dump. She later appears in “Britney's New Look” with the crowd to take pictures of Britney Spears.


Cartman puts Butters in an abandoned refrigerator; seconds after Cartman leaves, a garbage truck enters and dumps Butters into the city dump. Butters thinks the dump is the rest of the earth and builds a "new civilization." While Irene was working she listens to Butters singing and finds him. When Butters tells Irene the story of Cartman, she says none of this was true and there was no meteor, no one was killed and the city has been looking for Butters for over a week. Butters, realizing that Cartman deceived him, asks Irene for her phone.


Irene wears a pale pink shirt under a dark blue uniform with the sleeves up and a badge on the right side, gray gloves and brown boots. She has long messy black hair and a double chin. She has several marks of dirt on her clothes and on her face. Irene is overweight.

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