Freja Ollegard was a female Olympic 4-time gold medal winner in volleyball and ran a Danish website for breast cancer. She was also a breast cancer survivor. She first appeared in the Season Twenty episode, “Skank Hunt”, where she was seen on the news discussing Skankhunt42.


In “Skank Hunt”, CNN reports that Skankhunt42, an internet troll, had successfully taken down Ollegard's website. Giving a statement for CNN, she declares that she is unmoved by the event and vows to show how strong the Danish are.

In “The Damned”, she appears on a talk show called Simply Heidi, where she discusses her latest misfortunes with Skankhunt42. She tries to ignore the troll, and his copycats, and maintains a belief in the goodness of humanity. At the end of the show, Heidi reads comments from faux-doctors with offensive names, much to the chagrin of Freja.

Unable to cope with the persistent trolling, Ollegard takes her own life by jumping off of her apartment building's 17th floor. A large, community funeral was held for her in Denmark, which now endeavors to out Skankhunt42 and destroy him.


Freja typically wore navy pants, a navy coat, a gray shirt, and black, flat shoes. She also wore pink earrings and has short, blonde hair.


  • Skank Hunt” - Debut appearance; talks about Skankhunt42's effects on her website.
  • The Damned” - Speaks out against Skankhunt42, but fatally succumbs to the trolling.
  • Wieners Out” - Cameo; seen in photographs in the beginning of the episode.
  • Oh, Jeez” - Cameo; seen in a presentation to Gerald Broflovski by Lennart Bedrager about how she was trolled online.
  • Not Funny” - Cameo; mentioned only.
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