"Work Slut" is a parody of Britney Spears's "Work Bitch" song and video. It was seen in the Season Seventeen episode, "The Hobbit".


With Lisa Berger's newly found self-confidence, on account of a photoshopped picture of herself, she leads the other South Park Cows cheerleaders in a self-improvement montage. Instead of actually working on their physical bodies, the girls use Photoshop and computers to enhance their appearance.



You wanna?
You, you, you wanna?
You wanna?
You wanna look pretty?
You want a boyfriend?
You want a nice ass?
You better work out, slut!
You want nice things?
You want boys to give you nice things?
You better work out, slut!
Now get to work, slut!
Party in the cookie trough!
Party in the cookie trough!
Party in the cookie trough!
You better work out, whore!

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