Shady Acres is a retirement home in South Park. It was first seen in the Season Six episode, “The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer”. Then had a more prominent role in the Season Seven episode, “Grey Dawn”. In “Hummels & Heroin”, it was given a new appearance.


The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer

Looking for a place to watch the movie trailer, the boys resort to seeing it where Stan Marsh's grandfather lives. The other residents at Shady Acres have other plans with their TV causing the boys to find another place to watch it.

Grey Dawn

The elderly of Shady Acres take up arms with the help of AARP. The cause of which was when elderly drivers became hazardous to the public, killing people and destroying property. The townsfolk vote to take away all elderly persons drivers licences which angered Grandpa Marsh, he raised an army against the town for the right to keep their drivers licenses from being taken away.

Hummels & Heroin

After Stan comes to visit his grandfather, Marvin Marsh, it is revealed that Beatrice McGullicutty, the head bitch, is distributing opioids to entertainers all over town in exchange for hummels. After learning of the news of the entertainers' deaths due to drug overdose, Stan and the boys formulate a plan involving them dressing up as choir boys and singing to the old people while Stan steals Ms. McGullicutty's hummels. When she finds them all missing, Marvin proceeds to mutilate her with the bag of hummels. After the conflict, Ms. McGullcutty is sent to the quiet room and Marvin becomes head bitch in the nursing home.

Time To Get Cereal

The old people watch the news, where the boys are getting arrested, with Stan telling people that someone made a deal with ManBearPig. Marvin then asks himself what has he done, implying that he made the deal.

Nobody Got Cereal?

Stan finds out from his father that Marvin has been talking about ManBearPig for a long time, leading Stan to believe that his grandfather may have something to do with the deal. He visits Shady Acres to find out about the deal his grandfather made and learns from him that the old people made the deal in order to get cars and ice cream. Stan then asks how the deal happened, so he can end it.


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