Sarah Louise Heath Palin is an American politician, author, speaker, and political news commentator and the former Governor of Alaska. She was the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate in the 2008 election, running with John McCain. She appeared prominently in the Season Twelve episode, "About Last Night...".


After losing the election in "About Last Night...", it was revealed that she and McCain were part of an international thief organization along with Barack Obama's camp, who planned to steal the Hope Diamond. She is actually a very intelligent woman with a thick British accent who pretends to be a dumb redneck to cover it up. She is told during the episode she's "overdoing it" by her fellow thieves.

At the end, she flees the country for paradise with McCain and most of Obama's camp excluding Obama himself, and as a result was not present or a part of the lawsuit in "200" and "201", one of the few celebrities to be excluded.


Sarah Palin typically wears a bright red business suit with a gold American flag pendant. When she is helping John McCain and Barack Obama steal the hope diamond, she wore a black jumpsuit with a black belt, black headset, black boots and black gloves. She has long brown hair, which is usually up in a 'bun', and can usually be seen wearing rectangular framed glasses.

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