Café Monet is a French-style café first seen in the Season Ten episode, “Tsst”, where it was the place Cesar Millan and Liane Cartman met.


After the Colorado Republican Debate (2012) "Faith Hilling" stunt, Craig Tucker told the boys that they appeared on the day's newspaper. The article claimed presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said, "Faith Hilling is passe", and the new hip meme is "Taylor Swifting". At the Café Monet a rival group of children was seen "Taylor Swifting" and Cartman tried to block them by "Faith Hilling". A fight breaks out between the two groups of children, sending some to the hospital. The café patrons seem not to notice the "memeing" or the fighting going on in front of the restaurant.

The second time the two groups meet Stan is "Taylor Swifting while Oh Long Johnsoning". Kyle and Cartman call him a sell-out and leave.

The third time at the café Cartman is performing a new cross meme called "Taylor Swifting while holding a cat breading + reporting Taylor Swift is dangerous". Both groups agree commenting, "That's pretty cool", "It's awesome", and "It's super awesome".


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