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Pastor Phillips is a pastor for Camp New Grace who first appears in the Season Eleven episode "Cartman Sucks".


Pastor Phillips appears to give a sermon to the kids attending Camp New Grace, where he is described as someone who used to be bi-curious, but was able to break free from his affliction after praying to Jesus Christ. He later appears alongside the main camp leader when Bradley is caught with a dirty magazine and when Bradley attempts to commit suicide by jumping from the Freemont Bridge.

Pastor Phillips also makes a cameo appearance in the Season Twelve episode "Britney's New Look" among the groups of people taking pictures of Britney Spears.


Pastor Phillips has combed brown hair and brown eyebrows. He wears a black shirt with a pocket on each side, black pants, a brown belt, and black shoes. He also wears a clerical collar and a wristwatch on his left wrist. He speaks with a very flamboyant voice.

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