Phillip's Replacement is a replacement actor for Phillip who appears in the Season Five episode "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow".


When The Boys go to the Denver Coliseum to see Terrance and Phillip live in person, they are disappointed to find out that Phillip has been replaced by a different non-Canadian actor, although Cartman seems to think he is funny. This causes them to visit with Terrance to find out why Phillip was replaced.

The replacement and Terrance are seen performing an act that parodies the "Who's on First?" sketch from Abbot and Costello.


Phillip's Replacement appears almost identical to the real Phillip, having blonde hair, a light blue shirt with the letter "P" written on it, gray pants, and black shoes. However, the biggest difference is he is not Canadian, thus he doesn't have the typical features of Canadians on the show, such as a flappy head and beady eyes. Also unlike the real Phillip, he has blonde eyebrows instead of small black eyebrows.

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