The Smurfs are a fictional species of small blue creatures who live in Smurf Village, somewhere in the woods near South Park. They appeared in the background in the episode, "Imaginationland" and "Imaginationland, Episode III". In "Dances with Smurfs", they had a more prominent role as part of the focus of the episode.


They previously appeared as residents of Imaginationland, in "Imaginationland", where many of them are killed by being shot or blown up, they are later resurrected by Butters' wish. In "Imaginationland, Episode III", a Smurf is seen carrying a sword for the final battle.

Eric Cartman reported on his show that their woodland village was destroyed by Wendy Testaburger in order to obtain all the Smurf-berries, as one Smurf-berry could power the school for two months. In the footage, it shows him dressed like Wendy killing the Smurfs with a bulldozer.

Before this, Eric claims he lived with them for a while, having begin accepted into the group and even falling in love with Smurfette.

However, Cartman confirms, after Wendy turned his own story against him, that he made up everything. However, whether or not the Smurfs are real, imaginary, or the result of special effects for the sake of Cartman's news segment, their origins remain unknown. The Smurfs bear a resemblance to normal cartoon Smurfs but portrayed like the Na'vi in Avatar.

List of Known Smurfs Seen


All Smurfs are small blue creatures with large noses, large ears, and proportionally large feet. Although a vast majority of them wear white pants and a white hat, some can be seen in other uniforms and different colored hats. Papa Smurf wears red pants and a red hat and Smurfette has long orange hair and wears a white dress.


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