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*This episode was dedicated to [[Mary Kay Bergman]] and aired the week that she died.
*[[Starvin' Marvin (character)|Starvin' Marvin]] has several family members, they are: David, his father, Joshua, his brother, and his younger brother, Click Click Derk.
*[[饥饿马文]]有几个家庭成员,分别是:他的父亲大卫、他的哥哥约书亚。此外他们的家族姓都是“咯哩咯哩嘚”(Click Click Derk)。
*When the CIA come for the four boys, Cartman claims Kyle "went number two in the urinal". Going "number two" in a urinal is later a major part of the plot for the [[Season Ten]] episode, "[[Mystery of the Urinal Deuce]]".
*The language the Ethiopians speak is closer to the tribal people of Southern Africa.
*At the beginning of the episode [[Herbert Garrison|Mr. Garrison]] calls the Hare Krishna's "totally gay". This sect of Hinduism was founded in 1966 by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in New York City.
*在剧集开始时,[[加里森老师]]称[[克利须那]]教派为“十分地娘炮”。印度教的这一教派由A·C·巴克蒂维丹塔·斯瓦米·普拉布帕达(A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)于1966年在纽约创立。
*The unreleased [[DVDA]] song "[[I Am Chewbacca]]" plays during the end credits.
*This is one of few pre-season 5 episodes where Kenny doesn't die.
*'''Fourth Wall Break:''' One of the agents mention watching a cartoon making fun of [[Sally Struthers]]. This could be a reference to the episode "[[Starvin' Marvin]]".
*'''打破第四面墙:''' 其中一位特工有提到他曾观看嘲笑[[莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯]]的动画片。这可能是指剧集“[[诺亚非舟]]”。
==References to Popular Culture==
*''Star Wars''
**[[Sally Struthers]] as Jabba the Hut.
**[[莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯]]的角色形象模仿赫特人贾巴(Jabba the Hut)。
**Kenny is frozen in carbonite like Han Solo.
**[[肯尼]]像汉·索罗(Han Solo)一样被冻结在碳酸盐岩中。
**Sally Struthers has a Tiberian Junker space ship like the Hutts.
**莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯拥有像赫特人一样的泰伯利亚太空船(Tiberian Junker)。
**The CBC spaceship is modeled after the Rebel fleets X-Wing fighters.
**CBC的飞船以叛军的X翼战斗机(X-Wing fighters)为蓝本。
**CIA agent Sphinx waves his hand in an attempt to use the Jedi Mind trick on Sally Struthers.
**The intro after the main credits fade in like in the ''Star Wars'' movies.
*''Star Trek: The Original Series''
**The CBC spaceship's bridge is loosely designed like the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701..
**CBC飞船的舰桥的设计与联邦星舰企业号(USS Enterprise NCC-1701)的舰桥类似。
**The Wormhole and the warping effect are similar in ''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine''.
**虫洞和翘曲效果和《星际迷航:深空九站》(''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'')中的相似。
*The Christian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) and the ''600 Club'' are parodies of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the ''700 Club''.
*Pat Robertson is a televangelist that is always using pledge drives to receive donations from their viewers.
*CBC are also the call letters of the ''[[wikipedia:Canadian Broadcasting Corporation|Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]]''.
*Tom Brokaw was a very well known and liked TV newsman who worked for NBC from (1966-2004).
*孩子们乔装的汤姆·布罗考(Tom Brokaw)是一位非常知名和受喜爱的电视新闻人,从1966年至2004年在NBC工作。
*The Marklar language uses "Marklar" as a verb like the cartoon ''Smurfs'' of the 1980s.
*The scene where Starvin' Marvin is flying over Australia, with the music in the background, is reminiscent of the 1980s film ''Flight of the Navigator''
*[[饥饿马文]]飞越[[澳大利亚]]的场景与背景音乐让人想起1980年代的电影《领航员》(''Flight of the Navigator'')。
*This is the second episode with [[Starvin' Marvin (character)|Starvin' Marvin]], the first being the [[Season One]] [[Starvin' Marvin|episode of the same name]]. This is also the first one to feature him as the main character.
* The first time Marvin and the boys are in the wormhole (that teleports them to Marklar), there is a shot of all five of them in the cockpit yelling from the intense speed the ship is traveling (with a strange "ripple" visual effect covering the screen, to indicate they are in the wormhole). The second time the ship goes through the wormhole, Kenny was left back on Earth and is not on the ship. Yet, exactly the same clip from before is shown with all five of them in the cockpit, including Kenny.
* [[饥饿马文]]和男孩们第一次进入虫洞(将他们传送到[[马克拉星]])时,在驾驶舱中,有一个镜头他们都因飞船行驶的剧烈速度而大吼大叫(具有奇怪的“波纹”视觉效果 ,表明他们在虫洞中)。船第二次穿过虫洞时,[[肯尼]]被放回地球,不在船上。然而,在驾驶舱中,显示了包括肯尼在内的所有五个人的与之前完全相同的镜头。
* The red button that played the theme music for the rocket ship was also the same one that transported them into the wormhole.
* 播放飞船主题音乐的红色按钮与将他们带入虫洞的按钮相同。
* The spaceship's windshield is light blue. But in one brief shot, it turned red.
* 飞船的挡风玻璃是浅蓝色。但是在一个短镜头,它变成了红色。
* When the boys are talking to Sally Struthers through the video screen, her crew appear to be [[Marklar]] from behind and then humans in green uniforms from the front.
* 当男孩们通过视频与[[莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯]]交谈时,她身后的工作人员看上去是[[马克拉星人]],然而身前的工作人员却是穿着绿色制服的普通人。
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  • 这一集是献给玛丽·凯·伯格曼的,并在她去世的那一周播出。
  • 饥饿马文有几个家庭成员,分别是:他的父亲大卫、他的哥哥约书亚。此外他们的家族姓都是“咯哩咯哩嘚”(Click Click Derk)。
  • 中央情报局为男孩们而来时,卡特曼声称凯尔“在小便池中拉大便”。后来在小便池里拉大便成为了第十季剧集“小便池之谜”的重要情节。
  • 本集埃塞俄比亚人说的语言更接近南部非洲的部落语言。
  • 在剧集开始时,加里森老师克利须那教派为“十分地娘炮”。印度教的这一教派由A·C·巴克蒂维丹塔·斯瓦米·普拉布帕达(A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)于1966年在纽约创立。
  • 未发行的DVDA歌曲“我是丘巴卡”在片尾播放。
  • 这集是第五季前少有的肯尼没死的剧集之一。
  • 打破第四面墙: 其中一位特工有提到他曾观看嘲笑莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯的动画片。这可能是指剧集“诺亚非舟”。


  • 有关《星球大战》的参考:
    • 莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯的角色形象模仿赫特人贾巴(Jabba the Hut)。
    • 肯尼像汉·索罗(Han Solo)一样被冻结在碳酸盐岩中。
    • 莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯拥有像赫特人一样的泰伯利亚太空船(Tiberian Junker)。
    • CBC的飞船以叛军的X翼战斗机(X-Wing fighters)为蓝本。
    • 中央情报局特工斯芬克斯挥了挥手,试图在莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯身上使用绝地心灵操控。
    • 片头像《星球大战》电影中的一样显入。
  • 有关《星际迷航:原初系列》的参考
    • CBC飞船的舰桥的设计与联邦星舰企业号(USS Enterprise NCC-1701)的舰桥类似。
    • 虫洞和翘曲效果和《星际迷航:深空九站》(Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)中的相似。
  • 基督教广播频道(CBC)和600俱乐部是对基督教广播网络(CBN)和700俱乐部的模仿。
  • 帕特·罗伯逊是一名基督教电视推广商,一直使用认捐活动来接收观众的捐款。
  • CBC也是加拿大广播公司的简称。
  • 孩子们乔装的汤姆·布罗考(Tom Brokaw)是一位非常知名和受喜爱的电视新闻人,从1966年至2004年在NBC工作。
  • 马克拉星人的语言使用“马克拉”作为动词,就像1980年代的卡通《蓝精灵》(Smurfs)一样。
  • 饥饿马文飞越澳大利亚的场景与背景音乐让人想起1980年代的电影《领航员》(Flight of the Navigator)。


  • 这是饥饿马文出场的第二集,第一集是第一季中与他同名的一集。这也是第一个以他为主要角色的剧集。


  • 饥饿马文和男孩们第一次进入虫洞(将他们传送到马克拉星)时,在驾驶舱中,有一个镜头他们都因飞船行驶的剧烈速度而大吼大叫(具有奇怪的“波纹”视觉效果 ,表明他们在虫洞中)。船第二次穿过虫洞时,肯尼被放回地球,不在船上。然而,在驾驶舱中,显示了包括肯尼在内的所有五个人的与之前完全相同的镜头。
  • 播放飞船主题音乐的红色按钮与将他们带入虫洞的按钮相同。
  • 飞船的挡风玻璃是浅蓝色。但是在一个短镜头,它变成了红色。
  • 当男孩们通过视频与莎莉·斯特拉瑟斯交谈时,她身后的工作人员看上去是马克拉星人,然而身前的工作人员却是穿着绿色制服的普通人。
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