Mrs. Gueermo is the wife of Mr. Gueermo and mother of Bridon Gueermo. Her first appearance was in “Elementary School Musical” and she has also appeared briefly in “201” hiding from Mecha-Streisand.


She shows all the signs of an abused housewife, who is living constantly in fear of her husband's physicality assaulting her with flamboyantly limp-wrist slaps to the face. She cares about Bridon very much, as seen in “Elementary School Musical” when she disagreed with her husband on Bridon's wish to join the basketball team.

Although she does what she can to protect her son and indeed other people too when they are about to be slapped by her husband, when it comes to standing up to her husband beyond that she often backs down to her husband whenever he raises his 'slapping hand' in a threatening manner.

When Bridon is leaving her home for want of playing basketball or to escape his father's abuse she panics and pleads with her husband to stop him. In the end, Bridon who is about to get slapped in the face by his father, reacts by punching Mr. Gueermo on the nose. As he rushes to her, crying and bleeding from the nose, Mrs. Gueermo then proceeded to beat up her husband, now realizing she could retaliate.

Despite the physical confrontation and years of abuse, it appears that Mr. and Mrs. Gueermo remain together, as they are seen at Bridon's first basketball game. Although her husband is at first bitter about his son playing a 'sissy sport', he changes his tune when he finds himself enjoying the cheering aspects of the game, such as singing and doing the stomping thing when singing Queen's “We Will Rock You”.


She is conservatively dressed, wearing dark gray casual pants, a green v-neck shirt, and small earrings. She has wavy blonde hair.

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