Kevern Zaksor, A.K.A. Baby Fark McGee-zax, posed as a notorious gangster who was under pursuit by the Intergalactic Police for stealing "space cash". He was only seen in the episode, 「Pinewood Derby」.




The space outlaw was revealed to be an ambassador to new world testing, named Kevern Zaksor and the entire chain of events was a test to see if Earth was worthy of joining the intergalactic community, known as the Federation of Planets. He tested humanity by giving them space cash and seeing if they would return it to the aliens. They failed miserably and spent it all until Kevern revealed that space cash is only worth what the humans decide it is worth. He berated the humans for their evident stupidity. As punishment for not returning the aforementioned space cash, the Earth is isolated from the rest of the Universe forever.


Kevern's most notable features are his pink skin and the two appendages sticking upwards from his forehead. He also has a small tuft of black hair between those two appendages. He wears a long-sleeve shirt with blue trim, as well as blue shoulder pads. He carries a revolver style laser gun.


While initially appearing as a stereotypical criminal, he is later revealed as the Ambassador to New Planet Testing. He is quite mean, ridiculing the humans for their low intelligence. His mannerisms and speech as Baby Fark McGeezax are modeled after 1940's actor James Cagney.