TheTruck Driver, formerly Sawmill Worker, is an elderly citizen who frequents the local bar. He first appeared in the Season Five episode "It Hits the Fan". He played his first speaking role in the episode "Butt Out", where he is seen smoking at the bar and entering in an argument with Rob Reiner. He is among the rednecks of South Park.


He later appears in "Free Willzyx", here he gives the boys a lift and helps them take Willzyx to Mexico, which according to him, the boys said they had gotten the killer whale at Pizza Hut. He learns that the whale was actually stolen when Sea Park Announcers named Brian and Mike stop the truck. When Mike is about to tell Kyle that he and Brian have a prank on him, two cops arrive and notice the stolen whale in the truck. When they are about to arrest the Truck Driver and the others, the ALF members arrive to defend the boys. After a brief discussion, they start a shooting and kill Truck Driver along with Mike and the cops.

Despite being killed, he reappears on "Imaginationland" giving Eric Cartman a lift at the end of the episode.


He is best known for his old blue cap with a red border and a white sign written "BUDS LIGHT BEER". He also wears a white button down shirt under a blue sailor jacket, a black belt with a gold buckle, dark blue pants and black shoes. He has gray hair and a lot of wrinkles on his face. He also has an unusual wide mouth.

In "Free Willzyx" he wore a similar outfit, except that the jacket was dark brown instead of blue. His cap plate has been removed and his hair is black instead of gray. The wrinkles on their faces have also been removed.

In "Smug Alert!" he looked almost identical to his original appearance, only with brown hair instead of gray.


  • His appearance on "Free Willzyx" is very reminiscent of Stan Marsh, like his black hair, blue and red cap, brown jacket and blue pants.


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