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Miss Information was the supplier of herbal "medicines" in the Season Four episode, "Cherokee Hair Tampons". Her name is a play on the word misinformation, meaning false or incorrect information.


She cons the citizens of South Park into giving outrageous sums of money for her herbal "cures", that supposedly cure diseases and other health problems, often stating moments before a sale about the greed of doctors.

Miss Information specializes in "Native American" remedies, which she insists that, through their spiritual connection to the world, the will cure one's illnesses faster than Western medicines. Among her products are Cherokee Hair Tampons and All Natural Ball Juice. She states that when one gets sick, their toxins are poisoning them, and must be expelled by means of these remedies. She even hired two Mexican men, to play Native Americans, in order to make her products more convincing.

Miss Information was asked to treat Kyle by Sheila Broflovski and Sharon Marsh when his kidneys worsened presumably due to his diabetes. Since Sheila was reluctant to get him a kidney transplant, Miss Information applied several phony remedies to Kyle, which either had no effect or worsened his condition. However, she convinced everyone that it was natural for him to look worse before he got better. Eventually, Kyle got so sick that he was on the verge of death. When Sheila brought him in, the "Native Americans" noticed how sick he was and insisted he see a doctor. The customers were confused, still thinking that Miss Information's remedies were appropriate. They explained that they were actually Mexicans and that New Age medicines had little health benefits. They were asked to portray Native Americans because Miss Information said no one would buy anything from Mexicans.

The customers finally realized that Miss Information was nothing more than a con artist and proceeded to beat her up. She is likely deceased, as a customer yells "Kill Her!!" right before the rest attack her.


She wears a red, green, blue, and purple "tie-dye" shirt, similarly colored shorts, purple shoes, and a purple-beaded necklace with a presumably bronze medallion hanging off of it. She also wore a black necklace, gold-colored earrings, and a type of necklace-like object seemingly embedded into her forehead.


She seemed extremely greedy, conning people out of their money and even allowing a child to approach death, all in order to make money.

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