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该页面内容是关于 “辛普森做过了” 的冷知识,还包括大众文化、联系、疏漏、肯尼之死、隐藏的天外来客等内容。请注意,如果你想就某一冷知识进行讨论,请移步文章下方的评论区。


  • Matt and Trey made this episode due to their ideas for episodes having been used by The Simpsons already.
  • This episode marks the last appearance and death of Ms. Choksondik.
    • Many fans believe that Ms. Choksondik really died from actually choking on Mr. Mackey's penis, thus fulfilling the irony of her name and ending her life. It is unknown what happened to Mr. Mackey as he was only seen as Mr. Burns in the episode.
  • This is Ms. Crabtree's final appearance until her death in "Cartman's Incredible Gift".
  • When Chef sings to the boys after he finds out they killed Ms. Choksondik, the music is reused from the episode "Fat Camp".
  • A bottle in the background in the autopsy room is labeled "HITLER."
  • The Twilight Zone episode Chef refers to is "The Little People".
  • The boys use the lyrics "Hammer Time" from the song "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer as a warning when somebody is coming while their in the autopsy room. Tweek sings some of the song when he fails to remember the code words.
  • Below is a table of prominent South Park characters that are "Simpsonized" compared to "The Simpsons" character they parody. If they don't have an equivalent, they are marked with "None":
South Park character Dougie Ms. Crabtree Mr. Garrison Chef News Anchor Ms. Choksondik Mr. Mackey Stan and Kyle
The Simpsons equivalent Bart Otto Mann Smithers Doctor Hibbert Kent Brockman None Mr. Burns Martin
South Park character Stephen Stotch (unseen) Linda Stotch (unseen) Timmy Cartman Tweek Liane Cartman Mr. Hat
The Simpsons equivalent Principal Skinner Mrs. Krabappel Ralph Nelson None Lunchlady Doris Groundskeeper Willie


  • Tweek is afraid to put the nose on the snowman for fear that it'll come to life and kill him. Stan says, "When has that ever happened...except for that one time?" This is a reference to The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty.
  • Stan mentions the Goldfish he got from his aunt Flo in "Spookyfish".
  • Ms. Choksondik's first name is revealed to be Diane.
  • Cartman correctly pronounces authority instead of saying it like "authorit-ah". He also does this during the song "Minorities at my Water Park" in the episode "Pee".
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