Mike Pence appeared in the Season Twenty-One episode, "Doubling Down". He is the incumbent Vice President of the United States under real-life President Donald Trump.

Its unknown if he is the Vice President under President Herbert Garrison, as Caitlyn Jenner was previously established as his running-mate, though she has yet to be seen since her last appearance at the end of Season Twenty.


Pence, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell enter the Oval Office where President Garrison is conversing with another world leader on the phone. When he hangs up they inform him about right pronunciation of an African country Niger and about worker with ties to Russia was found "raped and executed". He refuses to help Garrison put a positive spin on his recent actions, with Ryan saying that maybe he should put his foot down. In response Garrison remotely closes the door behind them and tells them: "Hope you brought some condoms."

Later he is seen with Ryan and McConnell wearing blankets over their suits discussing their chances of survival. Ryan shows him the President's approval ratings which are dangerously low. Suddenly President Garrison walks in and asks them what they are doing. They all quickly respond nothing but suddenly Pence takes the folder out of his hand and gives it to the President. Ryan calls him a bitch and tells the President that he researched the poll not him. The two get into a small fist fight while Garrison is looking at the folder. When they stop Garrison tells them everything is going to be fine.

At Garrison's first anniversary in the office, he brings him a cake and sings with Ryan and McConnell the song "Happy Aniversary to you". When Garrison blows out the candles they clap and congratulate him and McConnell comments that more years of the same are to come. To which Garrison response that he doesn't think so, walks out from behind his desk with a giant dildo strapped to his genitals and adds that next three years are gonna be even better. All of them laugh in response, but soon begin to cry, as they know what that dildo means.


Mike Pence wears a greyish-black suit with a light blue tie and an American flag pin on his left lapel. He has white hair with grey eyebrows. After being raped by Garrison, he covers himself with a light red towel.

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