Mike is one of the announcers at the Sea Park the boys go to in “Free Willzyx”.


The boys go to watch a performing orca called Jambu. After the show, Kyle stays to watch him for more time. Mike and his co-announcer Brian decide to play a trick on him, where they would pretend to be Jambu and talk to Kyle and, later, the other boys. They tell the boys that he (Jambu) must go to the moon, where he lives.

Mike and Brian come back the next day to discover the boys had taken the whale in order to send it to the moon. They then go searching round for the boys, first going to Clyde's house after noticing his destroyed fence. Mike starts to regret laughing when Brian did these pranks, but Mike reprimands him, telling him "It was funny". They discover the boys are going to Tijuana and go to find them. Before they can tell the boys the truth, they are interrupted by the police. When the Animal Liberation Front come to help the boys, Mike gets shot multiple times and succumbs to his wounds later on.


Mike has orange hair with thick orange eyebrows. He wears his work uniform, which consists of a blue shirt with the park logo on and light brown shorts. He also wears black trainers.


  • Free Willzyx” - Pranks the boys into thinking Jambu was from the moon.