Coach Miles is a coach who works at South Park Elementary. He made his first appearance in the Season Seventeen episode “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”.


Coach Miles receives his first speaking role in “Taming Strange”, where he tells Mr. Mackey that his idea to install IntelliLink inside the school was bad, prompting Mr. Mackey to remind Miles that his wife died of an accident while he was drinking on a hike.

In his subsequent appearances, Coach Miles is usually seen in the school faculty lounge along with other staff members of the school discussing whatever issue is going on.


Coach Miles has light brown hair with gray sideburns and light brown eyebrows. He wears a white shirt with navy green borders and the South Park Cows logo as well as black and gray shorts, white socks, white sneakers, and a black digital wristwatch. He also appears slightly muscular.


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