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  • This episode has four deleted scenes, three of which would have had major impacts on the plot...
    • 1. While Kyle is on FaceTime with all the kids convincing them to start trolling, Craig tells him that if he starts trolling then it'll show up on his TrollTrace history. Kyle explains that it won't matter because the plan is to overload the servers and get them shut down before anyone can look up his history. Craig's Dad then comes into his room to tell him he loves him and that it's over for him (referring to Laura later finding all the porn he watched). It then cuts back to the scene of Kyle talking to Kevin and Kenny that was in the final episode.
    • 2. As a result of the previous episode when President Garrison calls for TrollTrace to be air bombed but then quickly calls it off; two Air Force pilots are shown in flying a Fighter Jet in-route to carry-out the attack when they get a radio message telling them to abort the attack and head back. However one of the pilots shuts the radio off, explaining to the other pilot that he doesn't want his history being available, with the other pilot agreeing.
    • 3. As a result of the previous deleted scene, Denmark is air-bombed by Fighter Jets, including the TrollTrace building.
    • 4. Randy, Mr. Mackey, Mayor McDaniels and other town residents visit J.J. Abrams's house in a scene which is nearly-identical to the scene in Member Berries where the U.S. Representatives try to convince Abrams to reboot the National Anthem. In this scene however, they ask Abrams to help reset the TrollTrace situation. They also apologize for blaming him and his Memberberries for the result of the election.
  • Kenny McCormick receives his only line of dialog for the entire season in this episode.
    • "Kenny - (Me too dude, what's next?)"
  • This marks the first time one of Ike's child actors says "fuck" uncensored. Excluding “Taming Strange”, anytime Ike had said "fuck", it was still bleeped to disguise the fact that the child voicing Ike was not swearing.
  • When Sheila starts her search on the TrollTrace website, it shows that the Broflovski residence is located at 1002 Avenue de los Mexicanos, South Park CO 80440.
  • Laura claims that Thomas has looked at porn 4,000 times in one month. Assuming this is true and not an exaggeration, that means that Thomas watched porn over 133 times a day.
  • Below is Ike and Gerald Broflovski's internet search history, as seen in the episode:

连续剧的结束/冷知识/Internet History

References to Popular Culture

  • The title of this episode is a play on the title of the 1987 song, "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)", by the alternative rock band, R.E.M.
  • Lennart Bedrager's death mirrors the death of The Emperor from the Star Wars film "Return of the Jedi".
  • After SpaceX is destroyed, Cartman suggests Elon Musk "go back to your little cars" referring to his involvement with Tesla Motors.
  • The scene in which Kyle and Ike escape from Sheila, they are shown using what appears to function the same as the Fulton Surface-to-Air Recovery System. The Fulton system has been used in the James Bond film, Thunderball, and more recently in the film, The Dark Knight, where Batman uses it to apprehend a corrupt accountant from within a skyscraper.
  • While Lennart is observing Gerald trying to shut down the servers at TrollTrace, his phone service provider is "Singular", a parody of the now defunct Cingular Wireless.


  • Bill Clinton's warnings to Butters about the future of mankind are referenced again in Cartman's nightmare about Mars.
  • Chinpokomon” is referenced again in Ike's internet history. He searched Google for "Chinpokomon Sun and Moon", a reference to the game Pokemon Sun and Moon released weeks prior to this episode airing.
  • This is the first appearance of Sparky since “Woodland Critter Christmas”.
  • Ike is still watching PewDiePie since Season 18.


  • The alignment of Kyle's soda can and the pencil cup on the desk keeps changing while he is trolling. When shown from the side, the pencil cup is off to the side of the monitor and at an angle from the soda, but when Kyle is shown on Skype, the cup is front of the monitor and aligned with the soda can.
  • When Kyle starts trolling, he is shown from the back and there is a yellow notepad that is laying straight on the table. When the camera shows Kyle from the side and then the front, the notepad is now at an angle. The notepad switches to straight again when Sheila comes in and confronts Kyle and Ike.
  • Kyle didn't recognize Dildo Shwaggins, in turn he already saw him in “Douche and a Danish”.
  • Laura Tucker said to Sheila, Thomas Tucker's online activities. However he seen in the street with Laura after the internet was reset. Maybe she's forgiven him.


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