Jenkins is depicted as a stereotypical nerd who spends his time playing an online MMORPG called World of Warcraft. He has played to an such extent that even the game's developers and Game Managers can't kill him, as he has reached a level deemed impossible. He had once been made fun of in the game, so Jenkins decided to get revenge on people by killing any player he encountered.

After a couple of unsuccessful attacks against him, the boys finally manage to defeat him using the Sword of a Thousand Truths. He presumably stopped playing after being defeated by the boys.

After 10 seasons since his last prominent appearance, he returns again in “Wieners Out” where he is seen with other trolls at the secret troll meeting. The meeting resumes in “Douche and a Danish”, and he is seen again. In “Fort Collins”, he joins the troll party at the Broflovski Residence, but quickly leaves with the other trolls. In “Oh, Jeez”, he is seen in a locked room captured by Lennart Bedrager and


Jenkins appears to be extremely overweight. His obesity is also supported by his excessive consumption of junk food and energy drinks. He is mostly bald with matted, unkempt brown hair on the sides of his head. He wears a gray t-shirt with black trim and black sleeves.

He has a tattoo on the left side on his chest as shown in the episode “Not Funny”. He has acne on his face, wears round framed glasses, and occasionally will have bits of food crumbs on his stomach. He also wears a wrist brace, most likely due to carpal tunnel syndrome, which would probably be brought on by his hand posture, poor health, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

His World of Warcraft character is mostly naked, having only yellow shorts, brown and green gloves, and tall purple and gold boots to wear. He wields a dagger and also wears an orange helmet. According to users who have played World of Warcraft, Jenkins' character wears the following in-game items:

  • Skinning Knife
  • Arcanist Boots
  • Embossed Plate Helmet
  • Tracker's Glove

However, in “Britney's New Look”, he seems to have lost some weight.

He gained that weight back by the time he re-appeared in “Wieners Out”.


  • 里诺艾·詹金斯是一名真实存在的魔兽世界玩家。此角色最早出现于一个美服公会的招人视频中,视频在网络上爆红,变成了梗。不同的是,他是一名圣骑士玩家。因为去买肯德基而错过了团长的战术分析,回来时高喊“里诺艾~詹金斯!”并且冲进龙蛋区,导致团灭。面对团长的责骂,他满嘴肯德基含糊不清的回应“至少我还有炸鸡”(At least I have chicken)。
  • 除了在南方公园中找到他,你还会在炉石传说中发现他,他是一名中立传说随从“火车王里诺艾”。
  • 就像绝大部分南方公园的魔兽世界角色一样,詹金斯的魔兽世界角色理论上来讲是不可能存在的。 (一个穿着板甲,使用匕首,可以召唤野兽,使用炎爆术,同时可以击杀友方势力的盗贼)
  • 除了这位角色外,四年级学生彼得·马伦早出现的名字也是“Leroy Jenkins”。


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