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  • 本集的制片代码是“501”,意味着这是剧组为第五季制作的第一集,但是剧组也同时制作完了另外几集,因为南方公园没有什么连贯的剧情,所以可能在喜剧中心的要求下本集被安排到了第四集,但官网、iTunes、Hulu等网站都是依照制作代号来排序,因此本集被普遍认为是第一集。
  • When Mr. Tenorman yells at Jimbo and Ned (as they were watching Mrs. Tenorman undress) and warns that he knows who they are and will call the police, several other men come out of the other bushes and run off. Among the others, Sergeant Yates, Stuart McCormick, Richard Tweak, Gerald Broflovski, and Randy Marsh can be seen wearing masks in order to avoid being recognized.
  • In the episode "201", it is revealed that Cartman's biological father is Mr. Tenorman; meaning he fed his father to his half-brother.
  • In the Season Six episode, "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", Scott Tenorman can be seen in the group of sixth graders plotting to take the porno, "Back Door Sluts 9".
  • Despite that Cartman seems to think that he and Kenny are best friends in "Kenny Dies" and "Best Friends Forever", Kenny still found the "Pube Boy" video funnier than anyone else, since he died laughing and was still laughing as a ghost.
  • The animation in this episode looks slightly better and smoother than episodes from previous seasons. This is because the animators switched from Power Animator to Maya right before this season. Another change for this season was Adam Berry being replaced by Scott Nickoley of Mad City Productions as the producer of original music on the show.
  • Cartman says "Looks like I'm the first one to reach manhood, after all", possibly referencing "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus" where Cartman thought he got his period and similarly thought he had reached manhood.
  • When Mr. Tenorman looks to see everyone behind the bushes, he sounds exactly like Officer Barbrady; however, later in the episode, he sounds more like Randy.
  • Eric Cartman's truly evil and excessive actions in this episode, not to mention the chili switcheroo at the end, are inspired in part by the equally incomprehensibly violent and evil behavior of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
  • During the showing of "Pube Boy", a man can be seen wearing a Scuzzlebutt shirt.
  • This episode aired in place of "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" on October 16, 2013 due to a power outage at South Park Studios.Also, during the episode airing, there was a live Tweet event on the South Park Studios Twitter page.
  • To achieve the looks of the pubes, the creators scanned in real hair.
  • Scott's hair is red, although his pubes are black so that they would show against Cartman's jacket.

References to Popular Culture

  • While posing as an IRS agent, Cartman went under the name "Kris Kristofferson". It is also the name of an American musician and actor with the same name.
  • Cartman's speech to the other students trying to convince them to join his plan is modeled on William Wallace's pre-battle speech to his warriors in the film Braveheart.
  • Cartman's plan to make the "Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili" and feed it to Scott is reminiscent of the revenge taken by Atreus on his brother Thyestes in Greek mythology and the revenge taken by Titus Andronicus in the Shakespeare play.
  • Cartman says to Scott Tenorman, "Haha, charade you are." This is a reference to the Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three Different Ones)" from the album Animals.
  • The episode ends with Cartman imitating Porky Pig in homage to the old Looney Tunes cartoons.



  • In the first scene in the episode, Kyle refers to Scott Tenorman as a "9th grader". Then, in the middle of the episode when Cartman has everyone in his basement, Kyle refers to him as an "8th grader".
  • Scott Tenorman's hand is see-through in the scene where he makes Cartman beg for his money.
  • Scott Tenorman somehow filmed a perspective shot for the "Pube Boy" video without a camera.
  • When Cartman holds the pack of hot dogs in his right hand, and walks to the side to put one on the scarecrow, the pack is now by his left side, although the words on the pack seem to be on his right side.
  • When Cartman notices Scott has left the Radiohead interview, four other kids have also disappeared - a 6th grader and three 4th graders. Two 4th graders - Bill Allen and the Brimmy - reappear in time for the "Pube Boy" presentation.
    • Bill can later be seen to the right of Terrance Mephesto, nowhere near Cartman or the kid with the blue cap.
  • Also during the crowd scene during "Pube Boy", a 4th grader can be seen hovering in mid-air to the right of Millie .
  • The Boy with C Cap is shown to not have a "c" on his cap. However, the "c" is there during the crowd scene during "Pube Boy".
  • Scott doesn't notice the pony at the chili con carnival, meaning his parents didn't get it to the animal shelter. Even when Cartman said twice that the pony there is, he doesn't pick up on it.

Kenny's Death

  • While watching a video that Scott recorded of Cartman begging for his money back, and oinking/singing like a piggy, Kenny laughs so hard that he dies, and even his spirit that flies from his body continues to laugh.
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