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Gerald is blindfolded as Dick takes him to a meeting room filled with other internet trolls. As Dick announces to the other trolls that Gerald is Skankhunt42, Gerald says he isn’t necessarily him. One troll tells him “You’re with your kind”. Dick closes the door as the episode ends.
Gerald is blindfolded as Dick takes him to a meeting room filled with other internet trolls. As Dick announces to the other trolls that Gerald is Skankhunt42, Gerald says he isn’t necessarily him. One troll tells him “You’re with your kind”. Dick closes the door as the episode ends.
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[[en:Wieners Out]]
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2019年11月26日 (二) 01:40的版本


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凯尔对男女生之间的矛盾感到非常愧疚,他想让男女生重新和好, 然而事情只会变得更糟。


The episode starts with an announcer in Denmark’s forthcoming assault on trolls. The camera shows various trolls on computers before cutting to a paranoid Gerald on the couch. He is looking at the “I know who you are” note as Kyle comes over to talk to him about how Skankhunt42 is affecting how he feels as a boy. Gerald nervously tells Kyle to talk to Sheila as he walks off.

At the Stotch Residence, Butters is Skype chatting with Charlotte about the recent events in the town, Charlotte reminds Butters that she told him not to Skype her anymore. Butters begs her not to break up with him, but Charlotte says she has to stand with her girlfriends. Butters goes on an angry tirade as Charlotte disconnects the call, which makes Butters stop his rant.

Gerald is seen walking over to the Freemont Bridge, as another man comes into view. He is another online troll known as Dildo Shwaggins. Gerald says that he never intended to become a troll, as Dick (Dildo Shwaggins) encourages him to come together against Denmark.

At South Park Elementary, Kyle is addressing the boys on the playground about trying to patch things up with the girls, suggesting they go to the volleyball game. Butters angrily strikes back, saying that he is proud to be a boy and telling the boys not to listen to “Uncle Kyle”.

At the Broflovski Residence, Gerald is sitting at the table looking bummed out as Sheila approaches him. Gerald tells her that he is fine as she tells him that she went out and bought him an iPad. Gerald freaks out telling her to get it away from him, he calms down again and tells her that everything is okay.

As Gerald approaches the window, Dick is outside holding a note up that says “We really have to talk”. Gerald closes the blinds.

At South Park Elementary, the girls are playing a volleyball game. Wendy sees Stan and gives him a quick smile as the national anthem begins. Butters pulls his pants down and gets out his wiener, the girls look in shock as the other boys Clyde, Tweek, and Craig and many other male students start to do the same. Kyle face-palms seeing that his plan has backfired.

Gerald is walking around town. As he approaches a walk lane, a biker cuts in front of him. Gerald cusses the biker out and continues to walk.

He then sees an addiction problems sign and decides to go inside. Randy, Stephen, and others are holding an addiction problems class for people who are addicted to Memberberries.

They talk about their problems with addiction as Gerald explains he doesn’t know what Memberberries are, he is cut off when Michael is revealed to have some in his pocket which start membering’. Michael then squishes him which causes a purple stain on his shirt to show as he claims he does not have any.

Gerald continues to say he does not know about Memberberries, Stephen tells him he should admit he has an addiction problem. Gerald insults Stephen before saying he is in the wrong place and walks off.

At South Park Elementary, the girls are in PC Principal’s office. PC Principal claims that the community has decided to protest the national anthem. Wendy disputes this claim, bringing up the fact that the boys took their wieners out. PC Principal responds saying that the boys did so peacefully.

PC Principal claims he is in a “PC Pretzel” and says that if he took action he would be body shaming. Bebe demands to know if it’s okay for boys to walk around the school with their wieners out. PC Principal responds with “That’s what happens when you sit out the national anthem”.

Kyle and Stan are shown putting things away in their lockers as Butters and the rest of the boys approach with their pants down and a banner that says “Which side are you on #WienersOut”. They chant “Wieners Out”. Wendy, Bebe, and Nichole are shown stunned, as are Stan and Kyle. Wendy angrily walks away as Stan pulls his pants down and joins the march.

At the Broflovski Residence, Gerald is brushing his teeth as flute music is heard. He walks over to the bedroom window to find Dick sitting on a tree playing a flute. Gerald tells him to stop as he gets in bed with Sheila. Gerald appears stressed, and he abruptly tells Sheila he is going for a run. As he runs in the street a car swerves and honks at him which causes Gerald to swear at the driver.

Sheila is woken up at 2:43 AM by Gerald shouting comments from the bathroom. She goes in to find Gerald looking at his iPad, he looks at her and hisses, which causes Sheila to scream and freak out. Gerald snaps out of it and apologizes as Kyle wakes up and asks if everything is okay. Gerald tells Kyle that everything is fine as heand Sheila talk in the dining room.

When Sheila assumes that he is hiding something, Gerald tells her that he watches porn. He elaborates saying that it is “piss porn”. Sheila asks Gerald if she wants him to pee on him and Gerald responds with “No”, which upsets Sheila. Gerald then retracts saying that he wants her to but he couldn’t ask because he was embarrassed.

In the bedroom, Gerald is laying down shirtless in the bed as jazz music plays. Sheila comes out of the bathroom dressed up as she climbs on top of him and pees in his face. Ike is shown in the doorway watching them, Kyle comes over and has a look of horror when he looks inside of the bedroom.

At South Park Elementary, Cartman is sitting alone as Kyle comes over and apologizes for breaking his stuff. Cartman says he saw a vagina, Kyle blows what he was just told off and talks about stopping Butters as Heidi comes over. Cartman shows her a necklace he made her, Cartman and Heidi are now shown holding hands. Kyle struggles to talk as he is in total shock about what he is seeing.

At the park, Gerald and Dick sit on the bench as Gerald says that his comments were just “locker room humor”. Dick says “You can’t deny who you are, Skankhunt” which freaks Gerald out. He tells Gerald that he needs to see the video he sent him because “The world is about to change”.

At Sizzler, Eric and Heidi are sitting and talking holding hands. Kyle is shown on the other side, with no reaction as he finally tells Cartman that he needs to “mess with Butters”. Cartman curiously asks him what he means as he casually takes a sip of coffee.

When Kyle says “We need the old Cartman back”, Cartman assumes Kyle is threatened by Heidi because she is a girl. Heidi tells him that he didn’t mean anything by it and explains to Kyle that it doesn’t matter because she and Eric are “out of it now”.

At the park, Dick shows Gerald a news video from the BBC. The news reporter starts talking about a company in Denmark who is putting a stop to trolls. A building under construction in Copenhagen is shown called “”. The news reporter says every internet comment can be run through the server, where the name of the person who wrote it as well as their IP Address and location can be identified.

A simulation is shown with a comment pinged and the SWAT team is shown busting into the troll’s house who left said comment. The CEO of the website is now being interviewed and says that a troll hides behind a closed layer on the internet and that will break that layer. He says “Komme oot, troll. Komme oot und die”. Dick says that the last part translates to “Come out, troll. Come out and die”. When Gerald says he is dead, Dick tells him that there is still hope.

At South Park Elementary, in the cafeteria, Kyle gets everybody’s attention. He says that things have to change and there is only one answer to fix these things. He pulls down his pants and reveals his wiener. The boys cheer and join him as the girls walk off.

Gerald is blindfolded as Dick takes him to a meeting room filled with other internet trolls. As Dick announces to the other trolls that Gerald is Skankhunt42, Gerald says he isn’t necessarily him. One troll tells him “You’re with your kind”. Dick closes the door as the episode ends.

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