住户 编辑


  • 兰迪·马什在地下室有一个基础的科学实验室。
  • 马什家的电视在“选举热潮”中失窃,但是在之后的剧集中可以看到他们仍然有一台电视。他们不是找回了电视,就是重新买了一台。
  • 第一季中,斯坦的家的外景和卡特曼家的颜色是一样的。
  • 该房子在“罗马尼亚五胞胎”中被摧毁了,但是在之后的集数中,房子又被重建了。
  • 在“可耻的本·拉登”中,可以在斯坦寄给阿富汗四人组的其中一个男孩的信的信封上看见马什家所在的街道的名字叫做“昌隆街”(Bonanza Street),邮编为80439。
    • 但是在“马桶圈风波”中兰迪收到罚单的时候,上面的地址发生了变化。
  • 马什家客厅里的照片是冰川国家公园的雪崩湖。

出场 编辑

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play 编辑

Stan's House was the first level in which Cartman warns Stan about the Ginger Kids before they attack. Achievements that could easily be achieved in this level are:

  • Rochambeau: Awarded for using a special ability. Image: Cartman next to an explosion.
  • Couch Potato: Awarded for watching a video in the scrapbook. Image: The extremely obese Cartman from Make Love, Not Warcraft

South Park: The Stick of Truth编辑

Side Quests编辑

Stan gets the New Kid to fight Shelly so he can get his iPhone back.

Underpants for "Phase One" can be collected in both Stan's room and the master bedroom.



  • Shelly - Becomes your friend after you defeat her.
  • Bradley Biggle - Can be found hiding in the bushes by the house (gnome dust required).


  • Druid Robes - Found in the yellow crate in Stan's garage.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole编辑

Main Quest编辑

On Day 1, Randy is found outside the house cleaning his car. When spoken to, he explains that someone has been keying his car, and sends the New Kid on a quest to find out who. While this originally seems like a side quest, it becomes important later.

On Night One, the New Kid and Captain Diabetes pass Randy on the way to Kyle's house, who is keying his own car. Captain Diabetes and the New Kid fight him to stop him from driving.


Coonstagram Followers编辑

Yaoi Art编辑

  • Craig and Tweek: Heart Peeps - Can be collected from Shelly's bedroom. (Snap 'n' Pops required).


  • C-Cup Headwear - Can be found in the chest of drawers in the master bedroom.


  • Randy's Grunt Sculpture - Can be obtained after unblocking the toilet.
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