Mark Cotner appears in the Season Four episode, “The Wacky Molestation Adventure”, when his car breaks down in South Park on the way to a job interview.


The children got rid of all the adults by getting them arrested for molestation. Mark, with his wife Linda, break down in South Park, which has been renamed "Smiley Town", on the way to a job interview. They then walk into town for a phone and come to a garage, where they meet Butters and Craig. Butters tells them that they must go to Treasure Cove, where they will find a phone. They do so and are attacked and taken to the Mayor, Cartman. He tells them to get a book from Treasure Cove, meaning someone from that side will have to be sacrificed for "Carousel".

Mark and Linda proceed to Treasure Cove, and are again attacked and taken to Stan and Kyle. They tell him to get a book from Smiley Town. He does so and the clock chimes, meaning someone from Smiley Town must be sacrificed. Before Butters is sacrificed, Mark gives a speech about how parents are important, and the boys decide to tell the police that their parents didn't really molest them. The next day, Mark comes back to South Park and tells the boys he got the job.


Mark wears black shoes, blue jeans, a teal shirt, and a brown jacket.


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