The Toilet Safety Administration, also known as TSA, is a fictional government agency parodying the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Reverse Cowgirl", where they were seen providing excessive security wherever there was a toilet.


After Clyde fails to put the toilet seat down, his mother dies, causing the government to step in and provide the TSA at every toilet, gradually increasing security and prominence throughout the episode. Initially, the TSA's only purpose was to install safety belts on toilets, but eventually, they started handing out citations for not wearing the belts, and provided airport-like security at all toilets, public and private.

The TSA installed cameras in all private toilets, which were monitored remotely and discreetly by a single individual. This individual was overweight and took advantage of the fact that he got aroused by watching everybody use the toilet. Cartman defied the cameras by bringing a gun, a baby, and a hostage past the TSA checkpoint in his restroom, while leaving the toilet seat up.


The typical attire of a TSA agent consists of dark gray work pants, a blue long sleeved shirt, a white name tag, a gold TSA badge, and a black tie. Some TSA agents wear jewelry and excessive amounts of make up.


  • We just need to check your asshole.
  • Yes, you're a big boy.
  • Shiiieeet!
  • Takin' a dump today, ma'am?