The McCormick Residence is the home of the McCormicks and first appeared in the Season One episode, “Starvin' Marvin”.

Exterior Appearance

Although its appearance throughout the series has remained generally constant, consisting of a single bungalow and a detached garage, its exterior appearance has varied slightly over time. While originally painted a bright green, its color appears to have faded over time. In earlier appearances, random junk also appeared littered around the house, including a number of animals, but the front lawn appears to have been cleared up in more recent appearances. An empty refrigerator can also be seen to the left of the house. The house is located on the other side of the train tracks to the rest of the town. A dilapidated truck was occasionally seen on a jack in front of the house in older episodes, which Stuart can occasionally be seen driving. The truck appears to have been replaced by a red car lacking tires in later episodes.

According to a scene in “Chickenpox”, the McCormick's House was built by Gerald Broflovski and Stuart McCormick when they were teenagers. The two built it behind Stuart's parent's house, which is now gone, implying that the original house was at some point demolished.

In “The City Part of Town”, the house has been upgraded as a downtown restaurant area to make the "Shitty part of town" look good.

In “Naughty Ninjas”, there were homeless people living outside the house. After the homeless were scared off, the kids dressed up as ninjas and started trashing everything around their house and SoDoSoPa.

Interior Appearance

The McCormicks' House is very bare, with a minimal amount of furniture and luxuries. They do have a computer maintaining a World of Warcraft subscription and a black-and-white TV with a ColecoVision (although it has been seen to show in color in “Poor and Stupid”). The seven rooms that have been shown are the kitchen, dining room, Kenny's bedroom, Karen and Kevin's bedroom, Mr. and Mrs. McCormick's bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room. Near the kitchen, it seems that Kevin had randomly scribbled his name on the wall. It may or may not have adequate heating, as Kenny originally only wore his briefs when he slept, though in newer episodes he awakens in his parka (usually after he dies). Inexplicably, the McCormick household seems to contain a robot guard, which was used to protect the ashes of Kenny in “A Ladder to Heaven” following his untimely demise. In “Spookyfish” their house is prone to roof leaking and power outages during rainstorms.

In “The City Part of Town”, it is shown that Karen and Kevin share a room. Kevin and Karen's room is basic, with their beds next to each other. Their room has butterflies and flowers scribbled on the walls, possibly done by Karen. Karen's bed has a pink blanket, while Kevin's has a blue blanket. Next, to Karen's bed, there is a small bedside table with a cracked floral lamp, with a pink lamp shade. In front of Kevin's, there is a brown teddy bear, with a small hole on its neck, with stuffing coming out. It seems that their bedroom has a view of the mountains, with a small window with pink curtains.

Stuart and Carol's bedroom is also basic, with a bed in the center of the room. The furnishings are old. There is a small bunny holding a love heart on top of a luxury white dresser. They have two lamps, with crooked blue and pink lamp shades. The wardrobe in their house has a broken door with peeling paint. In the “Coon vs. Coon & Friends”, after Mysterion contemplates suicide, it is shown Mr. and Mrs. McCormick sleeping.

Shown in “A Song of Ass and Fire”, the backyard also has dilapidated garbage all over the place. There is a little shade shelter. In the backyard, there is also another broken truck.



South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

Kenny's House is the third level of Tower Defense Play, where the boys attempt to save Kenny from Ginger Kids, Hippies, and Gnomes. Once this level is completed Kenny would join the team. This level also had an achievement called "White Trasher" where the player must crush something with the crane in the second section. The achievement's image is Stuart McCormick.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Main Quest

The New Kid comes here to collect a delivery for Tweek Tweak. Carol McCormick guides him to the garage, where meth heads are found. The New Kid fights them and collects the delivery.

Side Quests

One of the ManBearPig sensors are to be placed on the roof of the garage.

As part of "Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo", a dog needs to be hunted to the right of the house. Also, the New Kid has to fight a homeless person here as part of "The Homeless Problem".

A flag for the Timmy Express is located outside here.



  • Karen McCormick - Can be friended in the living room.
  • Mrs. McCormick - Can be friended after "Hot Coffee" is completed.


  • Wife Beater - Can be found in the yellow chest next to the propane tank.


  • Kenny's Bloody Club - Can be found in a yellow chest on the roof.
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