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Taro Aso was the 92nd Prime Minister of Japan. He first appeared in "Canada on Strike" and then in the Season Thirteen episode, "Pinewood Derby".


In "Canada on Strike", he questions Stephen Abootman about his demand, when he complains that Canada wants more money.

Randy Marsh attempts to prevent the other countries from spending the "space cash", in order to elude the Intergalactic Police. This fails when Taro spends money on giant robots.

After learning that Finland was preparing to inform the Intergalactic Police about the money, Randy persuades Japan and several other countries to destroy Finland. Finland is then attacked and destroyed with nuclear missiles.

Noticing this, the Intergalactic Police return to Earth to investigate Finland's destruction. Taro and the representatives claim ignorance, and pretend to be unaware of Finland's demise.


Taro is a middle aged Japanese man with gray hair. He wears a black suit, consisting of black pants, a white shirt, a black coat, and a black tie.

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