The Sparrow Prince is a sparrow-ghost who first appeared in the Season Six episode, “The Death Camp of Tolerance”.


He helped Lemmiwinks, and presumably Paris Hilton, escape from Mr. Slave's digestive system. He appears again in “Bass to Mouth” and appears to the public in order to get help from the South Park Elementary students. He and the students go and retrieve Lemmiwinks, so he can stop his older brother, Wikileaks from posting a story on Eavesdropper that would destroy the reputation of South Park Elementary forever.


File:Sp 0614 09 v6.jpg

The Sparrow Prince appears as a semi-translucent, ghost-sparrow with red feathers, tan legs, and a white neck. He wears a blue cape, held together with a silver brooch, a purple belt, and a silver crown. He can be seen wearing a teal and gold sheath, which holds his similarly colored sword.


  • The Sparrow Prince had a female-like voice in his first appearance. Later, his voice changed into male but mellow voice.
  • Sparrow Prince claims that he had been stuck in Mr. Slave's body for years prior Lemmiwinks meeting him there, meaning it could be that he alongside the Frog King and Catatafish were also once inserted as normal animals (whose skeletons can be seen near his anus area) into Mr. Slave's ass before they've died there.
  • He can also be seen in South Park: The Stick of Truth at the end of the game inside Mr. Slave.


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