Demi Lovato is a pop singer and former actress on the Disney Channel. She first appears in the Season Nineteen episode "Safe Space".


Butters is seen helping her by filtering out negative comments she receives, in addition to doing so for Cartman. She also sings in the song "In My Safe Space". She is later seen at the end of the episode, taking part in Randy's final advertisement where he reveals that now homeless children in other countries are filtering out the negative comments of celebrities like her.


Demi's appearance is based off of her dominatrix-inspired outfit worn while promoting her song, "Cool for the Summer". She has long, black hair and light skin with no noticeable flaws. She is dressed in a black bikini top and frayed jean skirt with long, netted boots. Her hair is styled in such a way that most of it falls down the left side of her head like Bebe Stevens and has a feathered earing on the right side. She has pink mascara spots on her cheeks and wears eyeliner.


Demi's personality seems to be that of a typical teenager, caring about what others think to the point where she was willing to ask a fourth-grader to filter out her social media accounts just so she could only get positive comments.

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