O.J. Simpson appeared in the episode, "Butters' Very Own Episode", in which he joined Butters' parents in searching for "Some Puerto Rican Guy", who is allegedly responsible for Butters' disappearance and Nicole Brown Simpson's death. He appeared in "200" at Tom Cruise's house, despite being in prison for an unrelated crime when "200" aired. O.J. is also referenced many times in the episode "Chef Aid". He also appeared in a The SimpsonsSketch parodying South Park.

外观 编辑

O.J. wears a tan, golf shirt, a blue coat, and gray pants. He also has an abnormally shaped nose.

性格 编辑

O.J. despite the near-constant "happy" look of his face, seems to be emotionless, his emotional state being completely unaffected by Stephen Stotch's implied insults in "Butters' Very Own Episode".

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